Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a percussive/drum synth that can behave similarly to the pulsar in terms of sound (raw experimental percussive sounds) - but at a lower price point. Anyone have any suggestions? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Food for thought:

The DFAM can sound really nasty, and when combined with the MAFD by Sonoclast you can program in 8 different sounds and sequence them independently from the rather limited onboard sequencer. I am also currently getting back into the Dreadbox Drips, which features similar concepts (2 VCOs with FM plus Noise, Filter, 2 Envelopes), albeit with somewhat less flexibility.

Yeah, I would recommend DFAM with Basimilus Iteritas Alter (with plenty of modulation and effects) if you want to get in a similar vein. Soma inhabits a different kind of universe, so you won't get the exact same experience, of course. Both DFAM and BIA are readily available and reasonably priced.

Worth looking at:


Thanks all for the replies! Will look into all of these.

Queen of Pentacles is fantastic all in one drum voice on eurorack. Has a good filter, on board FX and 8 drum voices a combo of analog and samples.