Hello everyone,
I bought an Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 with a Tiny MIDI breakout to be able to synchronize my midi pedals (microcosm, meris etc) from my modular CV glock. I'm using the G8 algorithm (CV to Midi) on the Disting. Everything is ok, EXCEPT that my pedals are waiting for a START message to switch from their internal clock to the clock they receive from de Tiny Breakout... and I can't find any way to send them this message. Is there a solution, or did I buy the wrong interface for what I wanted to do? Thanks a lot for your help !

It seems that there are different modes for Midi Start depending upon how it's receiving CV clock and if there's a CV start or not.

go to 1:50

I've seen this video but the cv clock doesn't send any start (I've try everything so far, but din't find a solution)... the clock signal is is sent and the pedal receive it but did not start, they just follow their own internal clock...

Done ! English is not my best langage, sometimes it's a bit hard to fully understand the manual and the vids... the right algorithm was G6 ;-) !