What do Klingons dream about?

Things that would send cold chills down your spine and wake you in the middle of the night. It is better you do not know...

Patch notes:

The vast majority of this patch is the amazing combo of the Stochastic Inspiration Generator driving 1v/o of Make Noise XPO into Schlappi Engineering's 100 Grit into Qu-bit Nautilus. Throw a load of modulation at those modules, add some Starlab and bingo! You've got semi-melodic, glitchy, droning madness. I wasn't sure if I'd like 100 Grit, but wow! it is so fun. Here I am using the Naultius' Sonar Out to drive the 100 Grit Cutoff in strange and unpredictable ways. There is also a stabby, panning, heavily modulated part provided by Brenso into Blades. There is a performance element to this patch as well - this was not a set it and forget it patch.

Then there's the great dialog. It's a great little scene from Deep Space 9 that I bookmarked ages ago thinking I might find a soundtrack to use with it. There are two audio tracks with that dialog. Both are created in Arturia Pigments. One is just samples of the dialog played randomly with some delay and reverb. Then there's another track that uses Pigments Granular processing to make it weird. Those two tracks then are fading in and out strategandomly with volume level automation in Studio One.

Then there are the visuals. Those are created in Artmatic Explorer. The $50 version. I got tired of hunting for cool public domain video to use and discovered that Eric Wenger is still at it. I was a Bryce user back in the 90s and I am very happy to rediscover this amazing software. I did not spend a ton of time creating these videos, but I still think they're cool. And huge acknowledgement to the dude/dudette that created that awesome Son of Moog mock album cover.


I really enjoyed this one. Great atmosphere! I had no idea that Eric Wenger was still developing software. Back in college, we burned an untold number of hours and cpu cycles generating Bryce landscapes. Nicely done!

Thanks Mowse! Haha! Yes, back in the day it took an absolute age to render anything. These animations at 1280x720 took several hours each. I can render a 10 minute video overnight depending on the complexity. I have a 7 minute very complex fractal video rendering now that looks like it'll take about 30 hours on my M1 Mac Mini - this would have been impossible back then. Cheers!