use the small 1u mixers to mix signals from CS-l going into QPAS, and again out of QPAS into mixer

Get rid of one of the C4RBN's and add QX Expander for Quadrax. Move the DFAM and SubH out of the rack and buy one of those fabricated stands made for them, they take up/waste a lot of HP space in your rack. I have DFAM/SubH/Mother32 and bought a three tier stand for them...I can use them with or without the rest of my modular in this way.


Thanks. The QX does look cool. Do you have one? How do you use it?

Yeah having the moogs in-rack is wasteful but also very ergonomic and keeps patching more organized. One day with a bigger studio I will probably do what you suggest.

Plaits and BIA through C4RBN is so good though I’ll never give it up! :) Right now I use the Ikarie to process the DFAM's oscillators... but maybe i could use it for Plaits and ditch a C4RBN for a QX.

I have everything in the first three bottom rows already, except Arbhar. There’s also a 1u row not in here (we’ll 2, eventually) with utilities.

I use this in conjunction with a 16 channel Mackie mixer, a boss rc-505, and ableton for effects/drums.