ModularGrid Rack

Hello everyone, first post here and quite new to the Eurorack world so I’m after a bit of advice!

I am having a little bit of a routing headache. For context, my setup is an Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Octatrack and the Eurorack.

The way I have it set up now is I’ve got my Bitbox + Loquelic going into the Tex Mix (borrowed from a friend) then out via the Master to my Analog 4, and then that goes into AB inputs of my Octatrack.

Then I’ve got the Analog Rytm going into the Tex Mix and the Basimilus taking up the last spot (I prefer not having audio go into the Rytm as the external mixer page is non existent unlike the A4). Those 2 are set to cue, and go from the monitor out of the Tex Mix into inputs CD of the Octatrack.

What I’m trying to achieve is to have the melodic stuff on one side, drums on the other and use the OT as a final mixer/mangler. But as you can see, it’s quite a convoluted and messy set up. Add to that I can’t use send effects with the drum modules as they’re on cue. Is there any better way to do this? I feel like there is there a simple solution I’ve completely overlooked and I’m hoping someone with more experience can help.

My second question is a more general opinion/advice one. I’ve linked my rack so if you can, please give me your thoughts on it and whether you think I’ve omitted something/think there may be something that would be a good addition :)

I mainly use the Eurorack in conjunction with the 3 elektrons so in terms of voices I think I’m pretty covered (though again, I’m new to the modular world and am very open to different perspectives).
I’ve got 10hp free but I’m open to switching, buying, selling etc. The music I make is quite heavy, 100-130bpm EBM/darkwave/techno type stuff though sometimes I do switch it up to some drum n bass/breakbeat if that helps at all.

Thanks very much.

Edit: it’s not showed up yet but I have the mono not stereo tex mix inputs.

Solution simple: an outboard mixer. It feels like you're trying to get way too much out of the internal mixing strategy, and with all of the other devices, trying to run them through the TexMix is just more complexity added to complexity. Plus, running external equipment then feeding it to the modular's mixer (which is expecting modular-level voltages) probably won't sound all that good in the end. Get your audio summing out of the cab, and then you automatically solve the "drums in cue bus" problem.

Next...unless you've got an Arturia Minibrute 2 or 2s, I don't know why you would use a Rackbrute. They're nice and all, but they restrict you to the Minibrute 2's form factor. Plus...well, looking at Sweetwater here, the 6U Rackbrute goes for $359 at two rows of 88 or 89 hp, depending on who you're listening to. And right next to it is Tiptop's Mantis: $335 for 2 x 104 rows. And if the expandability of the cabs is a future concern, the Mantis can link with a second Mantis via a linking bracket to give you a crazy AF total of 416 hp for $670. Beat THAT deal!

Hi Lugia,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

An outboard mixer is something I am trying to avoid because I have a tiny desk. But it’s seeming more and more like that’s the cleanest solution :/ so unless another magic solution exists I might just have to look into that.

Re. the Rackbrute, the same friend who lent me the tex mix (and a couple of other modules not on here) sold it to me at a really good price to help me get started. Also I quite like how it looks and the little space under let’s me tuck external cables + the octatrack away nicely.
I’ve also got a 3U rackbrute btw that I’ve not got connected due to the same space problem but if needed I can latch that on later for an extra 84.

Mantis is an absolute bargain though I agree! Was first choice for me till this deal came along and honestly if the space is really a problem with the 3u rackbrute (and if I ever need it) then I may get a mantis and sell the others.

Thanks for your reply :)

Now, who said the mixer had to go on the desk? Check this:

Mine's immediately behind me...and it's the dedicated mixer for the lab gear setup. The nice thing about that sort of thing is that you can get a rack case, put this in, put MORE stuff in with it, and now you've got a rack for FX and mixing. Just put it on a stand (like a chair, even) next to you, and save the desk space.

That looks like quite an interesting idea actually. I could possibly make space for a rack on the side so I should look into it more.
Thanks again!

Oh, yeah...and there's loads of potential sidecar-type racks out there, so find one that fits. Plus, since that Alesis uses the typical mono-send/stereo-return setup you find in small mixers, you can snag a couple of FX processors in that format to go in there as well. In fact, one of those has been a fave of mine since the mid-1980s: the Yamaha SPX90. Not only is it versatile and stoopid-easy to program, it's the source for a LOT of electronic music FX over the years. The most famous example might be Brian Eno's "Thursday Afternoon" reverb, as the SPX90 can do that 70-second reverb time at the push of a button or three. Plus, outboard gear has gotten crazy-cheap due to everyone being all hot 'n' bothered about FX being "in the box", so take advantage of that if you're able.