Thoughts on this for first modular small set-up....

start with a bigger case you'll probably want it sooner than you think (or hope)

how are you mixing? just the quad vca? how are you monitoring?

I've not heard good things about the doepfer midi modules - I'd look for something a bit more featured too - especially as you have 2 sound sources

I'd take a look at my signature if I were you...

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

I think you're apt to have a lot of trouble when fitting Eurorack modules into an API 500 rack...

thanks for the feedback. I did a rethink. here's the new one:

Check out VCV Rack and a few Omri Cohen YouTube tutorials to get familiar with the concepts of modular synthesis

Then get a bigger case with more power than you think you'll need

A minimal starter setup would be Keystep (or Beatstep) + Plaits (or Chord) + some way to hear the sound (like a mixer or ALM HPO)

Keystep CV and Gate outs will go to control Plaits V/OCT and TRIG. Plaits OUT to mixer or headphone amp.

Next steps should be modules that can do more with this setup. Pam's New Workout or Maths would be great to add modulation to Plaits parameters

thanks for the feedback. I did a rethink. here's the new one:

-- occurrencemusic

Too small now.

A suggestion (much the same as 33PO above): get something bigger to do this in so that you can build out a FULL setup. At present, you're aiming at a Palette 62. Palette 62 = $299, gives you 62 hp in both a tile row and a 3U row.

I would strongly suggest looking at Tiptop's Mantis instead. It streets for $335 (ie: $36 more) and gives you TWO rows of 104 hp, plus a beefy P/S based on a kicked-up version of the uZeus. While you might be able to cook up an approximation of a full system in that Palette cab, you'll wind up having to compromise quite a bit to do that. Either you can put together a very small system with limited capabilities, or you can go with the Mantis and put together a full-on, the Mantis can be expanded to two joined cabs via Tiptop's extension hardware.

And I can't praise VCV enough. It's an exemplary way of learning the trickery of modular synthesis in the 21st century. Plus, it's free...and how can you argue against "free"?

Thanks for the helpful feedback @Luiga and @33PO
Let me try again. Do you have any thoughts on the Arturia RackBrute6U as a case to start with? Does that give me enough room to grow?
Here's a new set-up with RackBrute

Rackbrute alone is sort The better idea, if you're going with one of those, is to pair it up with something like the Minibrute2 or the Minibrute 2S (my recommendation) to use the 6U of Eurorack as an "enhancer" to get the 2S to do things it can't do on its own. But if the intent here is to go with purely Eurorack, then I still suggest the Mantis. It's the very best bang-for-buck in cabs...and that's including the whole HISTORY of Eurorack cabs. And like I mentioned: expandable, great P/S, lightweight...hell, Tiptop even makes an accessory gig bag for the Mantis, so it can go anywhere with ease.