Hello everyone,


Nice meeting you all! I started eurorack about a year ago, and now I have this setup. I have one question - whenever I turn the power on, everything seems to boot up, but then when Poly Hector is about to start, it all gets turned off and restarts again.

I look at my current eurorack power consumption (I calculated it), and it's 1141 mA at +12V, 211 mA at -12V, 0 at mA 5V

but my Tiptop uZeus should be able to handle 2000mA at +12V, 500mA at -12V, 170mA at +5V

Could you kindly let me know if you have any suggestions?

p.s. I wondered if my tiptop uZeus was not delivering enough power, so I unplugged MI Ears, and everything works fine. (MI Ears draw +/-12v 5mA)


The 2000 mA at +12V is only available if you're powering the uZeus with the 3000 mA boost brick which is capable of delivering that power. If you're using the 1000 mA wall adapter then that's not going to cut it. Also note that certain tube modules but also some digital modules I think sometimes draw extra power at start-up, it's possible that Poly Hector is one, though I'm not familiar with it so I can't say that with any certainty. But yeah if you don't have the boost brick then you should get one, they're usually about $35 (US).

If its any help, It might not be, I've thrown loads of modules at my 2x uZeus Power modules with the standard power bricks and they perform admirably.
I was considering selling them as I upgrade my Konstantlab setup but I'll probably keep them for later skiff or small case builds cos they do take a lot of sh!t without complaining. :)

Enjoy your spare HP, don't rush to fill every last space, this is not like filling sticker books. Resist the urge to 'complete' your rack, its never complete so just relax.


Its the hector, I have had 2, they do have power issues (also 2 beebos, first one only powered on 1 time and then never again, the replacement has been stable) . My original hector only turned on half the time, and my replacement is always the last thing to fully boot. It even takes the UI a moment to fully realize its not a beebo, meaning not all the ins and outs appear at the same time. My first one didn't do that. Hector is an odd and powerful beast, but far from stable like you would expect. I also have the zoia racked, its a slow boot as well, but always fully loads before hector. Hope this helps, I would get a replacement if I were you.

Agree, could be the Hector. There is a patch you can try that is supposed to help.

I don't have any issues with mine on an Befaco Excalibus with a bunch of other digital toys.
It is a slow beast to start... but a powerful one.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I did not know that I need to get a booster to bring up 2000mA. I am ordering one right now!

And I agree about Hector - it acts out time to time (randomly triggering certain functions). Amazing support though. I had an issue with touch screen initially, but it got fixed shortly (Loki emailed me personally with the new firmware).

I now really understands when people say that Eurorack drains money very quickly...

Nice meeting you all!

Loki is the man for sure. I didnt know about that patch to "fix" the issue, interesting