Hey everyone,
I'm planning to build an addition do my beloved moog sound studio.
I've built something mostly from Intellijel on purpose.
The goal here: have a case that's quite small (Intellijel 4U), allow as much modulation as possible and tempo division(quadrax, quad vca, pamela), and add a bit of flavour (springray, Polaris). The Mafd is an extra module to control DFAM via midi.
What do you think about it ? Is it balanced ? Is there something that's missing that would be handy ?
Thanks for your help !

Well, for starters, that Intellijel MIDI interface is discontinued. They now offer the smaller one in tile format, but if you need something beefier, you'll have to stick it in the 3U row.

From what I can tell, you're looking to build a modulation "auxiliary" cab that also has some FX processing. But limiting yourself to ONLY Intellijel has problems, namely that there's other firms that make similar but better modules for various reasons. For example, you've got an Intellijel Quad VCA. But the topology for that 12 hp module is pretty much the same with Mutable's Veils...albeit that the Veils gives you 2 hp back. When planning a small "mission-specific" skiff, economizing your module sizes without compromising the result (ie: controls that are too tight or too small, overcrowded panels that offer confusing indications, etc). Also, to get a really diverse collection of suitable and interacting modules will probably require more than 62 hp; I would suggest moving up to the Palette 104 instead. Sort of like...(big pause while I rev up the building neurons) THIS:
ModularGrid Rack
Bigger, true...but in this case, bigger IS better, as it allows you to build a more comprehensive set of both modulators AND effects.

The "utility" row now has your adders, so no need for that module. It also has your stereo jacks for both input and output, mults, and MIDI port. Then when we get into the tile row, you'll notice a stereo input (fed by 1/4" jacks 1 and 2) and the smaller Intellijel tile MIDI interface (fed from the MIDI port). And then things get interesting; the next thing is a dual noise generator with tilt EQ to alter the noise color. After that is your clocking...an expander gives you four CV ins to the Temps Utile, which I chose over the Pam's because 1) this fits better and 2) if you're looking to ALSO use this as a sequencer, I think it has a better implementation for that. And yes, it can clock and sequence and all that at the same time. Following that is a QuadrATT, which gives you four channels of attenuversion, mixable to a "breakable" mixbus. And then, the stereo out module, which feeds 1/4" jacks 3 and 4.

Then for the 3U row, it looks like this: an SSF Modbox has two CVable LFOs, one of which also clocks its sample and hold, plus it has yet another (uncolored) noise gen and a few other tricks. Then the modulation monolith that IS Maths. After that you'll find a Mutable Veils and a Tiptop MISO...these are intended to work together as VCA control over modulation amplitude and modulation mixing, inversion, offset and more voodoo via the MISO. Quadrax/Qx is next, and then a Make Noise ModDemix gives you a pair of balanced modulators which you can use either to manipulate modulation OR as an audio effect. Then we're into the audio-only effects with a Frequency Central Stasis Leak, which gives you tap-tempo delay, reverb, and chorus, and uses a mono-to-stereo signal path for stereoization. The Purrvrrb emulates a spring reverb, with (again) mono-in and stereo-out. And then the big kahuna there is Mutable's sequel to their Clouds granular module, the Beads. And last, since you'll have three different stereo FX sources, I put in a triple-input stereo mixer so that, if you want, you can mix the FX outputs.

Now, if I stuck to ONLY Intellijel modules here, I clearly wouldn't be able to build this. And this is typical for Eurorack; not all manufacturers have the "perfect" module selection that covers everything, so it's necessary to do mix-n-match stuff like this to really optimize a build. Anyway, this is an example of how I would approach this problem...and actually, it's similar to an actual issue I have in my "modular sandbox", where I've been considering a modulation skiff to fill in a few shortcomings in my 3.5mm stuff (Eurorack, Digisound 80, B.2600, and some other odd things). And this build is something even I would feel at home with...and I'm a fussy SOB about that sort of thing!

Wow, thank you Lugia for your response!
Indeed the use of mostly Intellijel modules comes from an obsession of having something super clean and tidy.
It's completely irrational of course, and maybe I'd gain from trading aesthetic for practicality.
About Quad VCA, I chose it instead of Veils mostly because I've read that it has some nice saturation when you push the levels up?
About the 62 HP, it's mostly a price issue that I'm having, but also I want to be able to have a small device.
I'll keep that message you sent for the next build tests, thanks again for your time!

Indeed the use of mostly Intellijel modules comes from an obsession of having something super clean and tidy.
It's completely irrational of course, and maybe I'd gain from trading aesthetic for practicality.

-- Subaphonic

Just remember: the synth is eye-candy for YOU. Anyone else won't give a rat's about what the system looks like, even live. You need it to SOUND snazzy...not to LOOK snazzy. And, the fact is that the stranger the build looks, the more "oooooo" factor you'll get from audiences, as hodgepodge Euroracks actually have that "dangerous rat-rod" sort of thing going on. So go more for the Mad Scientist aesthetic!

As for the cab cost, the 104 is only $100 more than the 62, which to me is a pretty good bargain given that you're getting 42 hp more on the tiles and 3Us, better power, and a few extras in the ute row. They've also got Intellijel gigbags to fit their cabs; have a look at this: https://www.perfectcircuit.com/intellijel-4u-gig-bag-104hp.html The other point is that while 62 hp isn't exactly a "normal" row length, 104 hp is, and if you need more cases to fit that form factor, it'll wind up being easy-peasy to implement with the Palette 104.

You've got a point here I know but it's sooo harddd because it's so pretty ^^
I agree with the aesthetic though, messy doesn't mean ugly!
I'll try to make a new one in 62 HP first, and if iit doesn't fit i'll try another version with 104hp, but I hear you on the standard HP number, that makes sense.

You can take care of a lot of the "eye candy" bit by making sure all of your panels are the same color, and/or matching knobs where possible. I've done that with my system (having the same passion for visual order) and it looks great. Swapping out Intellijel knobs for Mutable knobs, for instance, is really simple and effective.