Here is my rack(s) as they stand today. This represents a full Behringer GO and a NiftyCase. Would like to keep a lot of audio and modulation in the GO case, and utilize the Nifty for control modules. Was curious about opinions of control modules here (joysticks, rene or pressure points, real tactile stuff). Not really looking for sequencers per se. I already use a Squarp Pyramid and a CV.OCD to get 4 cv/gate channels for the voices.

Any recommendations of really interesting tactile modules that can work well for providing/altering CV or audio signals? Would also take any suggestions for gaps you may see in the rack (utility and logic, mostly).

ModularGrid Rack

Tetrapad and tete combo
acid rain navigator

Got a Mantis Case and a Grandterminal+expander for sale,PM Me

Tetrapad and tete combo
acid rain navigator
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Good suggestion on the Tetrapad + tete. I already have a navigator, but I suppose 2 couldn't hurt :). The navigator is still sitting in the GO case (bottom left) but will be moved to the skiff once I reassemble.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Make Noise has a helluva great control setup with the pairing of the Rene and the Tempi modules. There's a backplane connection that those two modules can use to consolidate their operation. Plus, the Rene's also a great touchplate controller in its own right.

Id suggest a Soundmachine LS1 lightstrip or two to have tactile control and instant release over whatever parameter you want.

Soundmachines actually offers good modules for control (LS1lightstrip, LP1lightplane, Arches, etc.). There are many others from many brands (including Intellijel, Make Noise, Doepfer, WMD, Verbos, Pittsburgh, Xodes...). But we must not forget that owning several pianos will never replace our work for the mastery of only one of these instruments.

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