Hi! Looking for some feedback on this rack: ModularGrid Rack

I think i will sell BIA and wasp filter. Looking at stages and/or quadrax next, but not sure. 4ms ensemble osc will probably be bought later, but might be too much osc/hp then? Looking to mostly make downtempo/ambient, occationally some oomphy. I have a DFAM on the side.


If working within this hp space I would recommend two Arcus Audio Dual LIN/EXP VCAs. I would also suggest looking at the X-PAN from Make Noise as your mixer, especially for ambient. Do you need to run 1/4" cables from the rig or need headphones from it? Most audio interfaces can handle this duty. Roland makes some good 1/8" to 1/4" TS cables. I would suggest the Klavis Mixwitch as a sequential switch. The Happy Nerding FX AID is a great effect module. As far as oscillators I recommend allowing whatever hp you need to get what will work best. The BIA is a very popular module. Filters are also a very personal choice. I like the VOID Modular Sirius' Veil. I would also recommend a LPG. ST Modular makes a 0 hp Workmate if you want a flying LPG. Mystic Circuits also makes one. This also is lacking in utility modules. I suggest drawing out the signal path to see if there are any choke points or gaps.

Thanks for the reply! I'm working in this hp space so far, but will buy another case at some point. The x-pan looks nice. I dont need the output module, it was just a good deal at the time.

You're right about lacking in utilities. I'm looking a bit at 3xmia, ochd, joranalogue select 2, and also FX aid to mention some. I'll check out the other modules, thanks! Im still pretty new to this, so learning along the way.

Also LPG looks dope, i didnt realise i needed that!

Sure. We all have to help each other. The Patch and Tweak book is excellent for module types and has an actual “language” for patching. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. I still had to patch on paper to see points where I wanted to break out a signal, combine signals, etc. that I had missed.

Get a cv mixer like 3xMia or befaco A*B+C (encourage you to look carefully at the latter, it's like a smaller version of MI Blinds)

Get a uOrnament and Crime, install hemisphere suite firmware. It's incredible and will give you so many permutations of your modular.

Although you could use some envelopes too and Stages is great.

Yep, envelopes are a problem here...my suggestion on those, given the build size, would be that you might want to look at Xaoc's awesome Zadar/Nin combo...four envelopes, plenty of control, only 13 hp.

I have a BIA. I've always had issues getting it to play well with others... especially when trying to tune it.
Everyone starting out buys a Wasp Filter. Everyone then sells it.

For its feature set, the A-118 is pretty big. If you can find a smaller noise-generator like a 2HP unit, you can claim back even more HP.

I'd want the following:
A dedicated LFO that can sync and reset.
An analog VCO that can get down to LFO rate: like the Dixie II+
Utilities like attenuverters as well as another small mixer that can handle CV OR audio. You can do this with the Maths module. But you might consider a dedicated module if you find yourself choosing between using the Maths for this versus other functions.
A Disting EX as a jack-of-all-trades to experiment with or try different types of modulation or effects.
Two envelope generators. Maths can be used as two AD envelopes. But relying on Maths as an everything-module will limit your creativity.

I'm also a big fan of Ornaments and Crime. It can do a lot and isn't that bad to navigate for a menu driven module.