This is crazy but I kinda want a ambient making machine but also a techno industrial machine wrapped into one. What suggestions does anyone have with this current setup

It's actually more doable than you might think. Remember, back in the interstice between disco and rave (ie: 1979-86), there was actually a great deal of crossover there, and as the rave scene got up some momentum into the early 1990s, you still had that going on to some extent. And even if you go back to the beginnings of industrial, you had proto-techno there as well; a couple of good suggestions for reference would be Throbbing Gristle's "AB7A" () or Cabaret Voltaire's "Do Right" (). Check all the swirly, slushy whirling going on in the first track, and you'll see what I mean on a very simple level (and yes, there ARE even deeper things along those lines).

The big question I have at this point, though, is what sort of cab should this go in? The form factor here is 2 x 104...but there's a power supply there, while the most commonly-used 2 x 104 is Tiptop's Mantis...which is already powered and doesn't need this.