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Satellite 3.1Eurorack
Satellite 3 draftEurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v7.1EurorackPrivate
Satellite 2.4Eurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v7 (copy)EurorackPrivate
Satellite 2.3Eurorack
Satellite 2.2Eurorack
Satellite 2.1Eurorack
Satellite 2Eurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOP_Quad4EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOP_Quad3EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOP_Quad2EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOP_Quad1EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOP 2nd rowEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOP 1 rowEurorackPrivate
Mantis planning v4 (copied from chlb)Eurorack
Satellite 1.4 variant Oct21Eurorack
Dream Voicing Rig.v1Eurorack
Trig/gate/clock example v2Eurorack
Trig/gate/clock exampleEurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v7EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFT_TOPEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_LEFTEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_RIGHT_TOP_ERICA.DRMEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_RIGHT_BOTTOMEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide_RIGHT_TOPEurorackPrivate
Satellite 1.3 Aug2021Eurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v5 wide (copy)EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v4.4 PowerSupplyCheck_R12EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v4.4 wideEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v4.3 wide (copy)EurorackPrivate
My first Eurorack (copied from timmy373)Eurorack
No sound at all! (Varde "VST Control build") (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
West Coasty beats (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
visakhv16 redux (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
My unchecked Eurorack (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
mros rework (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
Maths skiff (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
Manbearpignick redux (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
JimHowell's monster overkill rig what I whupped on (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
goonlord redux (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
FragileIdiot redux (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
diego_armadona redux (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
Big generator (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
Arrus S4F rig (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v3EurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v3_TopEurorackPrivate
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v3_BottomEurorackPrivate
Satellite 1.2 with VectorEurorack
Draft Rack Big.C.Private.v2.2_VectorEurorackPrivate
Manbearpignick redux (copied from Lugia) (copy)Eurorack
Satellite 1.1Eurorack
LMod 1.1Eurorack
Lugia Copy1Eurorack
Draft Rack
Draft Rack Mid.AEurorack
Draft Rack Big.A 168HPx3Eurorack

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