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Boop BloxEurorack
MN NoisemakingEurorack
MPC Soul CV mateEurorack
Laraaji 2024 pedalsPedals
Ho RoarEurorack
MPC Soul (copy)Eurorack
MPC SoulEurorack
Empy See JuanEurorack
My uncrowned EurorackEurorack
My squirmy EurorackEurorack
My spendthrift EurorackEurorack
My profuse EurorackEurorack
Alles mixup 208/48Eurorack
Alles mixup 104/60Eurorack
My unsealed EurorackEurorack
My plaguy EurorackEurorack
ChoiceWaker (copy)Eurorack
choice addendumEurorack
Toner proto symetryEurorack
Moo TwoEurorack
mu tuEurorack
WalkerVoice 104Eurorack
WakerVoice 104Eurorack
mu tooEurorack
Raaji BoxEurorack
VoiceWaker 60Eurorack
S6000 pilotEurorack
D Team (copy) (copy)Eurorack
D Team (copy)Eurorack
D TeamEurorack
A TeamEurorack

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Collection 124 modules

Disting mk4, Percussion Interface, Turn! Turn!, ROW POWER 45, Morphagene, Mimeophon, Lifeforms Micro Sequence b, Listen IO black faceplate, Add 2, Belgrad, Belgrad (black panel), Quadratt 1U, Dixie II+, Bifold, XY IO, Passive LPG 1U, Stereo Line In 1U, Duatt, Stereo Line Out 1U, DUAL VCA 1U, Quadrax, Mixup, Line-In 1U, Buff Mult 1U, Quad VCA, 2HP 1U Blank, Audio Interface II, Erbe-Verb (white knobs), disting EX, Little Mikey, ES-8, Lifeforms Voltage Lab, InOut (Mk. II), Generate 3, Contour 1, Filter 8, nRings (Black/Gold), Plancks II (Black), Autodyne, Mult (Black Panel), Pressure Points, Brains, Répression, Sarajewo (black panel), Sarajewo, Link 2, C4RBN, Maths, Noise Tools 1U, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (Black), Headphones 1U, USB Power 1U, Desmodus Versio, Zeroscope 1U, Bitbox Micro , FSR 1U, Javelin, Listen IO, Tš-L v2, Qx, Cosmix, Ground Control (black), F8R, 2LPG v2, Dusty Clouds - Duatt 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Stereo Line Out 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Stereo Line In 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Quadratt 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Headphones 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Passive LPG 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Dual VCA 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Buff Mult 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - USB Power 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - XY IO 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Noise Tools 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Zeroscope 1U Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - Blank 1U 2HP Matte Black / Gold panel, Percussion Interface Expander, Fractio Solum, DD-8, Crime, Pointeuse Expander, Pointeuse, Flexibilité, Miasma, ADDAC307, 1u to 3u Adapter (Intellijel), Pitch Fork +, Tiny MIDI breakout TMB, Dusty Clouds - QUADRAX Black aluminium panel, remove please add panel to module, Dusty Clouds - QUAD VCA Matte Black / Gold panel, Dusty Clouds - QX Matte Black / Gold panel, DPLPG (Black), MiniAtt(B/W), FX AID_black, Lúbadh, Lúbadh expander, Lúbadh USB expander, i-o47, Gliss, 3u to 1u Adapter (Intellijel), Cs-L, Dusty Clouds Pamela's PRO Workout (PPW) Makeover kit - Matte Black / Gold, Pamela's PRO Workout, Big Sky, Spark Booster, Blackstar Live Logic, NanoPAD2, Mackie 1642 VLZ4, Arturia BeatStep Pro, Endless Processor (both panels), Steady State Gate, AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer, Rene, Blank 2hp, Blank 4hp, Smart Panel 2HP, Optomix, Dusty Clouds - OPTOMIX Matte Black / Gold panel, Instrument Interface v2, GT-1000 CORE, Filter 8 (black panel) and Mork Bifold Black Panel

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Lifeforms Voltage Lab (5), MPC One (5) and Abacus (1)
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