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DMW | Module Collection 2023Eurorack
PICO BLVD 2X 126 Erica SynthsEurorack
PICO BLVD Full 126 + B@SEEurorack
Full Monty Lower §helfEurorack
ALM | Taiko Combo SaleEurorack
Abstract Data | SaleEurorack
For Sale | Trade PublicEurorack
Dave Smith Modular | Eurorack CollectionEurorack
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Subconscious Communications | cEvin KeyEurorack
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PICO BLVD Full 126Eurorack
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Collection 249 modules

A-103, A-162, Blank 4hp, Echophon, 1hp Blank, μScale [v2], Audio Frequency Generator (AFG), Model 15 Complex VCO, Model 37 ELF LFO, M303, ADDAC111 Ultra .WAV Player, ADDAC111B .WAV Expansion, MMG, Polivoks ADSR/VCA, FIL2 Spectral Devastator, Linix, Defibrillator, Mult, Polivoks VCG MkII, Discrete SVVCF, Model 52 Vampire, Teleplexer, Loquelic Iteritas, Variatic Sequent, Ataraxic Translatron (Silver), System X S/H Noise, DSM01 Curtis Filter, Sewastopol, Performance Buffered Mult, DSM02 Character Module, Radio Music, Telharmonic, Bishop's Miscellany, Sinc Iter, Variatic Multium, THREE SISTERS, Dinky's Taiko, SCOOPER, SYSTEM-500 530, SYSTEM-500 512, SYSTEM-500 521, SYSTEM-500 540, SYSTEM-500 572, MATHS (black panel), Shuttle Control (golden), MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO "Dark Edition", Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter "Dark Edition", Graphic VCO, ADM10 Kompressor, Cutting Room Floor, ADM11 Dimensions, Model 53 Voicetail, DPLR, A-110-4 SE, LxD (Low Strike Duo), Chronoblob, ADM15 Spectre, Confundo Funkitus, Evolution, Tempi, CONTROL FORGE, ADM16 DubJr Mk2, Steiner Synthasystem VCF, Knight's Gallop, DSM03 Feedback, Pico DRUMS, Pico EG, Pico A MIX, Pico RND, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, uZeus, ADM18 Shapes, Ring SM (Black), Four Bricks Rook, A-147-2 SE, ADM21 Aeverb Mk2, Pico DSP, Morphagene, Disting mk4, MiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope (Dark Edition), MiniMod Gain Switch Multi (Dark Edition), Tetrapad, Żłob Modular Push VCA, Pico MODulator, Time Wizard, Pico Voice, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), TG4 Modulator, Delay (Black Panel), uO_C, Div (Black Panel), Verb (Black Panel), VM-1S, Arp, Mix (Black Panel), Device, BLD-2, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Drum Mixer Lite, W/, Black CodeSource, Black CodeSource Expander, Unknown Pleasures, Bassline, Brst (Black Panel), Blck_Noir (black), Lifeforms Primary Oscillator, HPO, TR-09, GPI, uBurst , DU-INO, Shuttle Mate (black), uPlaits [Black & Gold], Play, Tonus VCF r2 (Black Panel Version), DATA (WHITE), 42 - blind panel / cable holder, Terci Ruina, Mutes, 4023 VCF, Autodyne, Electron Fuzz Custom EFCCV, 4xMUTE - black, Sample Drum, Black Double Bass, Lollipop, Lifeforms KB-1, Dual FX, Dirty Glitch VCO, uO_c [Black & Gold Edition], Ultra-Random Analog, Cymbals, Pico VCF1, Pico INPUT, Pico VCO, Pico BBD, Pico VCF3, μBraids, tanh[3], Dalek Modulator, Pico VCA, wasp black knobs, Dubmix, Snare Drum, Pico SEQ, 321, Octone, Fusion VCO2, Pico Trigger, Pico LFO/S&H, Pico RING, Pico ALOGIC, Pico SEQS, Dual Cyclotron, A-106-5 SE, A-108, Tete, Batumi, DU-KRPLS, Pico Logic, A-147-2v, Micro Sequence, Dual Drive, Cursus Iteritas Percido, Pico SEQ2, ADE-51 VC AHDSR / AHD, ADE-32 Octocontroller, Haswell's Taiko, Pro VCF, nano RINGS Resonator /// Black & Gold Panel, Clk (Black Panel), ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility, Dubmix Mini Expander, Red Dragon, Chainsaw, uBurst Micro Clouds Granular Synth, Monsoon, uPlaits, Pico ATTEN, Pico MULTI, Model D, CLOQ, Unity, uWarps, Pico CV MIX, Vowel (Black Panel), PH-4 (White), Pico OUT, Pro Output (Natural Aluminum), TRSHMSTR (Black), Modular 8 custom blank panels 16 HP, 6hp blank, 3U DIY Eurorack Blank Panel 8HP, Fan Synth, Logo Panel, Boynuz Blank, WAV Recorder, Pico SCALE, Pico Mixer, Pico Mask, Pico Switch, Pico VCO2, Drum Stereo Mixer, saïch, ADM23 Eos, Pico Drive, LPG, Pico Envelope Follower, Pico VCA2, Pico VC EG, Drum2, ADE-10 Reactive Shaper, Pico Multi2, Drum Modulator , A-124 SE, Tyso Daiko, Poti, Metropolix, Quad VCA, LEVIT8, A-110-6, Optomix rev2 2016, Stumm, ADE-50 3x Lin VCA, Chronoblob2, Triptych, Harmonaig, i-o47, ochd, Grain (Black Panel), Acid Simona VCF, Drum Mixer, FM AID_black, Dual VCA, CEX, Plutonium 239 Hyper Fist VCO , ADM09 Odio, Pico TG, Pico Quant, ORION, Mindphaser, MODFX (BLACK), Ghost (silver), Mutant Machine, Mutant Hot Glue, Mutant Bassdrum and Mutant Machine (original colour)

Rated Modules

This User rated 4 modules.

Lifeforms Primary Oscillator (5), Shuttle Control (golden) (5), Model 37 ELF LFO (5) and Model 15 Complex VCO (5)
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