14 HP
29 mm deep
Current Draw
35 mA +12V
35 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$285 Price in €

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HMR1985 - Polivoks Amplifier & ADSR Envelope


A combination module blending two essential synthesizer building blocks from a classic synthesizer: the envelope generator and a high-quality audio VCA. The envelope features the four traditional ADSR parameters, as well as additional controls for manual trigger, extended time range, envelope repeat, and a delay function for the attack and release phases. The VCA has several attenuated modulation inputs and a manual "drone" level control. The output of the envelope is normalled to the VCA control input, for compact and convenient integration into the end of a subtractive synthesizer patch with a minimum amount of patch cables required.

Note that the original Polivoks keyboard design includes two VCAs in series for independent control of the keyboard envelope and amplitude modulation. You would need two of these modules to completely recreate the functional specification of the original.

This device is part of the IRON CURTAIN ELECTRONICS system and is created in collaboration with Vladimir Kuzmin, the designer of the original POLIVOKS synthesizer. The module uses original Soviet integrated circuits in the differential amplifier section of the VCA circuit to preserve the character of the Polivoks design.

The Polivoks VCA / Envelope is a dual-function module featuring two classic analog circuits adapted for modular performance.

The right half of the unit is an ADSR envelope generator.

The left side is the VCA, which uses an unusual Russian amplifier circuit to perform differently from offerings of a similar vintage.

The output of the envelope is normalled to the VCA control input to facilitate typical sound designs with a minimum of patch cords.

Aside from its expected service in the Polivoks IRON CURTAIN ELECTRONICS system, this module is quite useful for creating small, self-contained "voice" configurations when combined with complex oscillator or cloned tone generator modules.

Illuminated manual gate button
Time range switch (slow/fast)
Repeat mode switch
Attack and release delay controls
Normal and inverted outputs

Greater-than-one gain possible
Two CV inputs with attenuverters
Pre-patched to Envelope output
Only one point of calibration!

The included quickstart manual has an English translation of the front panel.

Manual http://www.theharvestman.org/manuals/polivoksVCAmanual.pdf



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