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Infrasonic Audio Warp Core
21 Apr 2024 Infrasonic Audio
FLASH SALE - 10% off Warp Core with code WARP420 at checkout. Need a new stereo voice in your rack? Sale ends 4/22 at midnight.  
NoisyFruitsLab LFO DIY
21 Apr 2024 NoisyFruitsLab
An excellent entry point for SMT soldering!  
Stoel Music Systems Mini Speaker, Dark Mode
19 Apr 2024 Stoel Music Systems
Our popular Mini Speaker is now in Dark Mode. The Mini Speaker allows you to use your eurorack system without headphones or turning on your studio. It's also a great way to scare your cats and small children. It's loud. Get it here: 
19 Apr 2024 BearModules
Proudly to announce the first "KYPSKI x BEAR Modules" collaboration. An updated version of our macro-controller. 
18 Apr 2024 XODES
Pre-orders finally are open until May 5th for the Hand Clap / Maracas module in the AXX series, and a limited number of units are available at a reduced price. You can check how the latest revised version sounds on Instagram (better use quality headphones!). 
Noise Engineering Morbus Legio
18 Apr 2024 Noise Engineering
Morbus Legio is a unique combination of flexible noise oscillator and distortion processor. Its noise oscillator features three CV-able parameters that affect how noise is generated, plus a wavefolder and a chorus. Soft clipping, wavefolding, FWR, and chorus can all be applied to an external signal. Morbus Legio is available as a firmware only, so if you own a Legio you can load Morbus onto your module for free from the Customer Portal.  
Laine Modular Winnows
17 Apr 2024 Laine Modular
Now Available: Winnows is our talkative new filter tool for 1U. Two channels of expressive resonant bandpass filtering and damping with full CV control. 
Fully Wired Electronics Mini Quad Mute
We currently have 3 B-Grade Mini Quad Mute units listed on our website. These units are now being sold at a discount price of £110/ $136.99 (USD)/ €128.64 but are NEW. These B-Stock units come with an extended manufacturers warranty of 2 years, rather than 12 months. 
15 Apr 2024 BlaknBlu
Foxtrot quad VCF and Alpha Pro quad VCA/Mixer both back in stock and shipping this week. More info, videos, audio samples and shop at 
IC Alchemy Mudras
15 Apr 2024 IC Alchemy
Now Available: Comprehensive User Manual for Mudras Dive deep into the capabilities that make Mudras a unique tool in music production. Our detailed manual walks you through the functionality and special features of our gesture-based CV sequencer module. You can find it now at 
Clatters Sibilla
14 Apr 2024 Clatters
Our beloved sound-sculpting machine turns 1yo today and it’ll be 15% OFF for the next two days! Start your next sonic experience now! 
Fully Wired Electronics Mini-Logic
We now have 5 B-Grade Mini-Logic units left. These units are being sold at a discount price of £77.50/ $96.51 (USD)/ €90.62 but are NEW. These B-Stock units come with an extended manufacturers warranty of 2 years, rather than 12 months.  
NoisyFruitsLab PanFade
13 Apr 2024 NoisyFruitsLab
Voltage contolled crossfading and panning in a compact size 
NoisyFruitsLab EQ
13 Apr 2024 NoisyFruitsLab


Stereo 3 band equalizing in channel strip manner ... 
MRG Synthesizers
12 Apr 2024 MRG Synthesizers
Reopening Sale! MRG is back after more than one year of hiatus. Currently selling my old stock in form of DIY kits at very interesting prices. Head over to and for more information.  
Fully Wired Electronics Quad Manual Gate
Introducing the Quad Manual Gate (QMG) is a 4HP quad manual gate generator using the dual momentary and latching functionality buttons found on the Mini Quad Mute, Mini Quad Stereo Mute and Triple Latching Switch, which allows for you to generate latching or momentary gate signals. 
11 Apr 2024 MŽOURACK
Pebbles is now back in stock! 
Feedback VCA100
10 Apr 2024 Feedback
This VCA will give the classic rubbery sound of the modular, SH and JP series. 
10 Apr 2024 ModularGrid
1 2 3 Test... We are on a new server! 
Feedback RESET
10 Apr 2024 Feedback
A simple but very useful power ON/OFF module. 
9 Apr 2024 BlaknBlu
With the new batch of Foxtrots and Alpha Pros on the way, you can now pre-order on the website ( If all goes to plan, we should be shipping in a couple of weeks. 
9 Apr 2024 CHAIR
Ilse REV3 is discontinued and removed from our shop, but we have some partial kits left, contact us if you are interested. Otherwise go check out the beautiful REV4 with illustration on face plate. 
9 Apr 2024 CHAIR
Ilse REV4 is now available. It is kitted and distributed by Befaco, also available from our webshop and others will follow soon. 
9 Apr 2024 ModularGrid
On April 10th at around 12.00 CET ModularGrid will move to a new server. This will take a couple of hours. Downtime hopefully will be minimal. See you on the other side! 
Fully Wired Electronics Dual Attenuverter
Introducing the Dual Attenuverter (DATV): The DATV is a dual attenuverter, featuring switchable unipolar and bipolar responses, allowing for signals to be attenuated and attenuvertered, and a +/-10v offset with CV control for each attenuverter circuit. Each attenuverter circuit is equipped with a bi-polar LED, which is perfect for monitoring each signal. 
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