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the 96 (copy)Eurorack
the 1008 IIEurorack
My bleached EurorackEurorack
the 208 (copy) (copy)Eurorack
the 96 MkIIEurorack
the 96Eurorack
Pittsburgh 2Eurorack
All PitzEurorack
the 1008 (copy)Eurorack
the 208 (copy)Eurorack
the 360Eurorack
the 1008Eurorack

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Collection 160 modules

VILFO, ADSR (mk2), Sequencer, Filter, Outs (Mk. II), Detect, LFO2 (Mk. II), DNA SYMBIOTIC WAVES, Bender, Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer, Generator X, Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator, WAVEFORMS, Lifeforms Mod Tools, Time Runner, MIDI 3, Toolbox, Timetable, GameSystem, Envelope (Mk. II), Lifeforms SV-1, Dual Index (VCA / VC Mixer), Logic Banks, FLTR, Modulator, Oscillator V2, Space Moth V3 VCF 2015, Mini Shimmery Generator BLACK, Disting mk4, Z3000 Smart VCO MKII, Pluck, Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter, Chain Reactor, Nebulae v2, Unity Mixer, Performance Buffered Mult, Chronoblob, Peaks, µVCF (old panel), ADSRVCA, Akemie's Castle, MST VC LFO, Mix Mult (Mk. II), Pico MODulator, Line-out 1U, Valve Multiplier, Mult, Pico Trigger, Pico DSP, MMF, Echo, M3, Attenumixer, Pique, Verb, Lifeforms KB-1, C4RBN, A-138n, Zeroscope 1U, VCO, Mix, Giraffe, Lifeforms Binary Filter, LPG, MIDI2, InOut, Outs, BUFF, Mix 'Em Up, LS1lightstrip, Triatt (old panel), Cyclic Skew black, Cyclic Skew V2 Black, B-Mult black, 2180 VCA silver, S&H silver, Invert black, Att-Vert black v2, Compare silver, V-Noise silver, Express black, Invert silver, Sum silver V2, Slew black, CTACT black, SCLPL, Lifeforms Primary Oscillator, LFO2, Pamela's NEW Workout, Micro Sequence, VCA, uO_C Black & Gold Panel, Stereo Sir Mix Alot (2020), Asteroid Operator VCF, Zadar, 12hp DIY Rings Module by Émilie Gillet. PCB by Flavio Mireles, KNIT, Zero Scope 2021 black, Pico DRUMS, NSL-32 Opto VCA black, MSCL (Black Panel), MFX, FX Send and Return, Sample Drum, VCA Matrix, Gain Invert Offset, Mixwitch, FX AID Pro_black, 4x Stereo Mix_black, Nin, Messor, Simple Hexagon VCA (Black Version), Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, 2HP TRS-A Midi Expander, Rainmaker, Nerdseq - 'More Triggers 16' Expander Black, More Video-IO Grey/Black, moddict TDC-you / ConsoleEQ4, Zlob Modular 3-Band T.H. EQ, Bitbox Micro , NerdSEQ CV16 Expander Black, Phaze 4 Daze, DDK, Dwarf Star Stereo Delay FX MK2, Dual Looping Delay, FX AID_black, Magneto, Kraken, CRATER, Crucible, HiHats D, ENVELOPE, Switch, Poti, Batumi, Buff ( Black Panel), StarLab, Fold 6, DPLR, Time Warp, Triton, Taiga, Moog Mother-32, The Toad, More Video-IO Black, A-130-8, DATA (BLACK), Erebus Reissue, Mixer (Mk. II), Multiple, Lifeforms ADSR, Local Parks, Evolution, Lifeforms System Interface, Pamela's PRO Workout, Isolator (2022) black, Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer, Mixer, Dual VCA (Mk. II) and Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O)
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