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double dfam (both halves) (copy)Eurorack
double dfam (copy)Eurorack
double dfam (copy)Eurorack
double dfamEurorack
ambient skiffEurorackPrivate
hapax modeEurorackPrivate
MDLR 14u/126hp - tabula rasa (copy)EurorackPrivate
MDLR 14u/126hp - tabula rasaEurorack
MDLR 14u/126hp - inversion 071721Eurorack
MDLR 14u/126hp (w/rytm)Eurorack
MDLR 14U/126hp (mar 2021 sketch)Eurorack
MDLR 14U/126hp (mar 2021 no dfam)Eurorack
MDLR 14u/126hp - (feb 2021 temp)Eurorack
MDLR 14U/126hp (full improv)Eurorack
MDLR 14U/126hp (mar 2021 w/dfam)Eurorack
MDLR 14u/126hpEurorack
MDLR 14u/126hp - MODSEA020621Eurorack
My unburnt 500 Series500 Series
Rackbrute 12u (next)Eurorack
Rackbrute 12u (death of harveys)Eurorack

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Collection 91 modules

DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, Disting mk4, Black Hole DSP2, Maths (white knobs), Loquelic Iteritas, Pamela's NEW Workout, VCA, FH-2 'factotum', FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, Select Bus breakout, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Confundo Funkitus, Selecta, VCNO, Fusion VCO2, MMF, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, 100 Grit (black), FleXi blind panel - BLACK - M (12 - 24HP), ROW POWER 40, Mixup, Zadar, Mimeophon, Quad VCA, Nin, Miasma, Crime, 1hp Blank, MSCL (Black Panel), Performance Buffered Mult, Lapsus Os (Black), Stereo Dipole (Black and Gold), Octalink 1U, Zero Point Oscillator, Duatt, Brst, Quadratt 1U, Passive LPG 1U, Desmodus Versio, Line-In 1U, SHARD, Marbles, A-174-4 Joy Stick II Black Edition, u2X, Tessitura Tailor, 4hp Blank Panel, 3u to 1u Adapter (Intellijel), DATA (BLACK), Harmonaig, i-o47, 1U Mult, ochd, Beads, ES-3 mk4, Data Bender, Headphones 1U, Stereo Line Out 1U, Triptych, Pico INPUT, Manis Iteritas (Black), Mimetic Digitalis (Black), 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row STEALTH / BLACK (0.5U), Flip, Stereo Line Out JACKS 1U, Vice Virga, Ruina Versio, Pura Ruina, DUAL VCA 1U, Stereo Line In 1U, Stereo Line In JACKS 1U, Instrument Interface v2, Cascading FET Amplifier, Bitbox Micro , Antri Legio, Piston Honda Mk III, Noise Plethora, nw2s::o16 (balanced,black), Spectraphon, Xfade 1U, DROID P2B8 Controller, DROID, DROID B32 Controller, DROID G8 Expander, Messor, Autodyne, AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer, DROID X7 Expander, Black Polivoks VCF V2, E4, Quadrax and STMIX 1U
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