12 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$304 Price in €

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4 Cascading JFET amplification stages

The Cascading FET Amplifier is made up of 4 individual JFET amplification stages, each stage can be used separately giving your 4 very nice and clean analog saturators for your system.

Each stage is multiplied and then cascades into the next (when nothing is plugged into the input jack of the following stage). Cascading these saturation stages can lead to an enormous amount of gain and allows you to dial in the amount at each stage giving you a lot of control, as the stages are multiples you can remove the audio at any of the stage outputs, giving you 4 copies each one more distorted than the last.

A good way to utilize this would be to put kick drum in and remove it at stage 2 giving you a fairly crispy sound but still maintaining some dynamics and boosting the sub, then take out the same kick at stage 4 a totally distorted copy and cut the sub and boost the air to add more bite, then using an external mixer blend the two together parallel.

Channel 2 & channel 4 both have a Air & Sub band EQ that would be at home on any mastering channel strip. these EQ’S both share the same knobs, allowing for easy use of the module in a stereo configuration, using stages 1&2 for left and 3 & 4 for right, with the use of the buttons you can reverse the knobs position on stage 2, this can be useful if you are using all 4 stages and wish to preserve the low or high end on stage 2 by lowering it but boosting a cleaner version on stage 4 or if say a kick was on channel 1 & 2 and a bass line on 3 & 4 this would allow you to boost the sub or air on one while removing it on the other.


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