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KB37 Erica synthsEurorack
202402 2x104Eurorack
202401 Behringer GoEurorack
202312 104 Generative 2023-12Eurorack
KB37 pro 800Eurorack
202311 104 GenerativeEurorack
Tip Top BuchlarEurorack
202210 gig 104 SilvesterEurorack
TE-PO 40Eurorack
Behringer Go 2500 smallEurorack
202401 KB37Eurorack
case from lake 12u 126 CurrentEurorack
Pico System III ReplacementEurorack
202112_2 Behringer GoEurorack
All Modules 6*140Eurorack
KB Erica SyntsEurorack
202112 Behringer GoEurorack
202107 BehringerToGo Tesseract mixingEurorack
202106 Behringer Go NERDEurorack
KB37 behringer 55Eurorack
Not Used ModulesEurorack
202104 Behringer GoEurorack

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iron_at currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace

Submitted Modules

POM SequencerEurorack
POM LFOEurorack
POM NoiseEurorack
POM RandEurorack
POM EnvEurorack
POM VCAEurorack
POM MixEurorack
POM SineEurorack
POM SAWEurorack
POM FilterEurorack
POM SpeakerEurorack