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My footless EurorackEurorack
Black Classic System IIIEurorackPrivate
Erica Synths Techno SystemEurorack
Fusion Drone SybsystemEurorackPrivate
Sample SystemEurorack
Erica System for ShowroomEurorackPrivate
Quad Pan SystemEurorack
Noise System 2AEurorackPrivate
BLACK SYSTEM 4EurorackPrivate
Black Duophonic SystemEurorack

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Submitted Modules

EDU DIY Snare DrumEurorack
EDU DIY HiHatsEurorack
Black Stereo ReverbEurorack
Black Stereo Delay2Eurorack
Drum MixerEurorack
Black Wavetable VCOEurorack
Sequential Switch v2Eurorack
Dual FXEurorack
EDU Kick DrumEurorack
EDU CompressorEurorack
Black DJ VCFEurorack
Black MIDI-CV v2Eurorack
Black Dual EG/LFOEurorack
Black DADSR EGEurorack
Black EG2Eurorack
Stereo CompressorEurorack
Pico MaskEurorack
Pico TGEurorack
EDU OutputEurorack
EDU VCFEurorack
EDU WavefolderEurorack
Black Low-Pass VCFEurorack
LXR eurorack moduleEurorack
EDU MixerEurorack
EDU SequencerEurorack
Black 3109 VCF/VCAEurorack
EDU EnvelopeEurorack
EDU VCAEurorack
EDU VCOEurorack
Pico DSPEurorack
Black Joystick2Eurorack
Black Dual ASR EGEurorack
Black BBDEurorack
Black SequencerEurorack
Filter CouplerEurorack
Black HP VCFEurorack
Black Quad VCAEurorack
Pico SwitchEurorack
Black HADSR EG CV ExpanderEurorack
Pico VCA2Eurorack
Pico Envelope FollowerEurorack
Pico TriggerEurorack
Black LPGEurorack
Black Modulator V2Eurorack
Black VCO2Eurorack
Black Quad VCA2Eurorack
Black Stereo DelayEurorack
Pico System IIIEurorack
Fusion VCA-Waveshaper-RingmodulatorEurorack
Black Stereo Mixer V3Eurorack
Black CV ToolsEurorack
Black Multimode VCFEurorack
Fusion VCF3Eurorack
Fusion ModulatorEurorack
Pico RINGEurorack
Pico LFO/S&HEurorack
Pico SEQ2Eurorack
Pico NoiseEurorack
Pico BBDEurorack
Pico VCO2Eurorack
Fusion VCO2Eurorack
Black Double BassEurorack
Pico MScaleEurorack
Pico MODulatorEurorack
Plasma DriveEurorack
Black ModulatorEurorack
Sample DrumEurorack
Black Hole DSP2Eurorack
DIY BBD DelayEurorack
Drum Stereo MixerEurorack
Drum SequencerEurorack
Dual DriveEurorack
Drum Mixer LiteEurorack
Bass DrumEurorack
Snare DrumEurorack
HiHats DEurorack
HiHats AEurorack
Sequential Switch CV Expander v2Eurorack
Black Polivoks VCF V2Eurorack
DIY DelayEurorack
DIY BasslineEurorack
Black CodeSource ExpanderEurorack
Black CodeSourceEurorack
Fusion Ring Modulator v2Eurorack
Graphic VCOEurorack
Pico QuantEurorack
Black VC EG ExpanderEurorack
Black VC EGEurorack
Pico LogicEurorack
Dual VCFEurorack
DIY Multimode VCFEurorack
Black Joystick controllerEurorack
DIY Polivoks VCO IIEurorack
DIY Polivoks VCF II Eurorack
DIY Modulator II Eurorack
DIY Mixer II Eurorack
DIY Polivoks EG IIEurorack
DIY Polivoks VCA IIEurorack
VC Clock V2Eurorack
Black OctasourceEurorack
Fusion VCF2Eurorack
Fusion VCA2Eurorack
Pico VoiceEurorack
Black VCA V2Eurorack
Black VCO ExpanderEurorack
Black VCOEurorack
Black Mixer/Splitter V2Eurorack
Black 8-Multi V2Eurorack
Black Mixer V2Eurorack
Black Envelope GeneratorEurorack
Black Stereo Mixer V2Eurorack
Black Midi-CVEurorack
Pico DRUMSEurorack
Pico VCOEurorack
Pico EGEurorack
Pico VCF1Eurorack
Pico VCF3Eurorack
Pico VCAEurorack
Pico SEQEurorack
Pico MULTIEurorack
Pico INPUTEurorack
Pico OUTEurorack
Pico CV MIXEurorack
Pico A MIXEurorack
Pico ATTENEurorack
Pico RNDEurorack
Pico SCALEEurorack
Pico ALOGICEurorack
Pico SEQSEurorack
DIY Output moduleEurorack
DIY Polivoks-inspired VCAEurorack
DIY Polivoks VCFEurorack
DIY MixerEurorack
DIY ModulatorEurorack
DIY Polivoks-inspired VCOEurorack
DIY Envelope GeneratorEurorack
Midi to Clock V2Eurorack
Black PFLEurorack
Black XFadeEurorack
Fusion Mixer v3 (14HP)Eurorack
Fusion Mixer V2Eurorack
Black Stereo MixerEurorack
Fusion VCOEurorack
Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage EnsembleEurorack
Synth VoiceEurorack
Black Hole DSPEurorack
Black Voltage Controlled ClockEurorack
Sequential SwitchEurorack
Fusion Ring modulatorEurorack
Black Varishape VCO 1Eurorack
Duophonic MIDI-CV interfaceEurorack
Black Varishape VCO 2Eurorack
MIDI To TriggerEurorack
Syncable VCOEurorack
Black Polivoks VCFEurorack
Black HADSR Envelope generatorEurorack
Black Digital NoiseEurorack
Black MixerEurorack
Black LFOEurorack
Black VCAEurorack
Matrix MixerEurorack
Black Output ModuleEurorack
Black CV ProcessorEurorack
Black Mixer/SplitterEurorack
Black 8-MultiEurorack
Polivoks ModulatorEurorack
Polivoks VCFEurorack
Sequential Switch CV GeneratorEurorack

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