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Collection 121 modules

A-142-4, Pingable Envelope Generator, µVCF, A-199, Quad Pingable LFO, Maths, Rosie, A-190-4, Combine-OR, Octopus, Clouds, A-160-2, MANGROVE, Penrose Quantizer, Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O), MST Stereo Output Mixer, Warps, Penrose "Spirograph" alt., A-120V, A-110-6, Optomix rev2 2016, Pico DRUMS, Veils, A-148v, Rings, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), Belgrad, Pico DSP, Voltage Block, Pamela's NEW Workout, Disting mk4, Quad VCA, Twin waves, Pexp-1, Sly Grogan, SumDif, Tonic, Chimera, Hermod, Spring Reverb Mkii, Spring Reverb Mkii Expander, Mixup, AI004 OTA VCF, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, RackBrute 6UPower, Piston Honda Mk III, Fracture, Plaits, Passive Mult, DPLPG (Black), Pluck, Marbles, Quad Envelope, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, SYSTEM 100 173 QUAD SIGNAL GATE/ PATCH BAY, Subharmonicon, FH-2 'factotum', Zadar, Brst (Black Panel), Stereo Dipole, MAR, GPI, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (Black), Zularic Repetitor (Black), Listen IO, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, Entropy2, Pons Asinorum, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, DATA (BLACK), DPO (white knobs), Bloom, Crucible, Milky Way (black), Percall, A-138i, XOH, Play (Black panel), Accord Sequarallel, Hysteria, Dystopia, ADDAC200PI, Pico Mixer, Stasis Leak, Entropic Doom, Ensemble Oscillator, ATOM (plain panel), disting EX, Vice Virga, Ripples (2020), Entropy Expander, FX AID XL_black, Modamp Module 1005, Fold 6, uGrids (Matte Black Aluminum), saïch, PMIX, AGOGO, Beads, uZeus, uO_C Black & Gold Panel, Golden Master (black), Tiny MIDI breakout TMB, Lorelei, FX Send and Return, Varigate 8+ (Black Panel), MIDI to Pulse Clock, eãs, Helium, EuroPi, Quad Mute, DIMENSION MK3, Motion MTR, Disting EX Flush External Display, RCD Breakout v1.1, Rotating Clock Divider V2, 3x MIA, Outs, Ikarie and Prizma mkII (black)

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This User rated 3 modules.

FX AID XL_black (5), Tonic (5) and Zularic Repetitor (Black) (4)
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