8 HP
38 mm deep
Current Draw
57 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$260 Price in €

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MIDI to CV Sequencer Recorder

The Only MIDI Recorder Module out there!
The Sequarallel is the intuitive answer to keeping your DAW (PC/Mac) out of the performance.
It's a MIDI + Gate/Velocity/CV or Trigger Sequencer that can hold over 60 Song Projects, each with up to 40 trackers, MIDI Record Layering, extensive FX, sub-sequencers, and Song loops recorded in from your favorite MIDI player.

Each "Song Project" can have Loop/Jump markers (up to 17) to play to 4 sets of jacks as chords, single notes, or 12 percussion triggers, as well as all 16 MIDI channels. Each Sequence can be built up live by adding Layers from any MIDI keyboard or controller, along with globally looping or position dedicated tracks from the TRAX step sequencer. MIDI Remote control of the main "Play List" arranger offers DJ-like performance of selecting trackers and MIDI loop groups on the fly.
The Gate/CV/Mod Outputs can be assigned to any of the 5 Trackers or any of the 16 MIDI Channels in various combinations, even while playing. Envelopes sent to MIDI CC's or CV outputs can be imported from other projects, drawn as an ADSR with poles & curves,, recorded in via CV, or created with parameters.
Recorded MIDI Layers and TRAX trackers can be controlled by the Song FX, i.e transpose & scale, note re-triggering subsequence, to bind everything together.
Live Automation recordings of many controls like transpose, solo, mute, and FX can be called up anywhere in the Play List, and edited and tweaked in lists. With extensive FX and an FX sub-sequencer, even a popular song can be divided into loops and easily changed into a great new sound ready to be built upon.

Here's a fairly good description of the module-

The panel controls consist of an encoder to select Buttons we call "Quick Boxes" to enable/disable/select functions while the sequence is playing, a Play button that arms to play @ clock, and a stop button.
As the panel indicates, pressing both buttons will arm MIDI record to make a new Song sequence.
Alternately, the TRAX sequencers can be used to lay out the foundation for a new Song, and LAYERs used to add (via MIDI keyboard/controller) to the piece
Song Projects can be named up to 14 characters.

The 18+ dynamic / removable Quick Boxes act as buttons, some adjustable, and some have entry points (press & hold) into settings/lists.
These are:
Holds Play List in a loop + displays present Bar & Beat (hold to view/edit song & loop markers)

Selects a bar, marker or Play List region to jump to at the end of present bar or loop playing

Selects a global transpose value that changes at the next bar. +/- 48 notes. Various sources can be opted in/out of transpose including CV inputs. Defined percussion channel (default ch.10) can be opted put of transpose.

Sets a Remote control Channel. Accesses MIDI CC# & Note assignment for most parameters to be switched/adjusted via external MIDI controller or keyboard including Record, transpose, MIDI FX, Gate FX, & Song FX. Programmable via select parameter/learn function

Automation Record:
Records real-time MIDI CC / PW /AT on any/multiple channels to send or on Remote channel to control any parameter for up to 999 bars, which can then be placed into the play list. Each Block in the Playlist can include up to 8 different automations.

Click LAYER:ADD to add MIDI Layers (creates a new quick-box for next) with MIDI keyboard or controller. Scroll the box to set options like Append, level, Swing, mute & solo. Up to 8 Layers per Layer Quick-box button can be recorded consecutively, or appended, without touching the module . Each Layer can be turned on/off in up to 4 bar-step sub-sequencers per track. A progression of Layer Steps (variable duration in bars) can be created in the sub-sequencer with Step FX such as transpose, level, MIDI Channel, or using SongFX & mask sequencer. The elements of a song in each sequencer!

Click to add/edit MIDI + CV step sequencer tracks (up to 5 tracks, each up to 8 sequences) to a sequence and select modifiers like multi-ratchet, Levels, Limits, mirror, .Creates new quick-box for next. Each TRAX sequencer is 4 lanes wide, thus 4 notes per step, with any of up to 8 FX bundles per note. Up to 40 different patterns, 64 steps long, can be created per project. Each of the 40 can be assigned to MIDI/LINK output and jacks by lane. TRAX can be cloned or imported from other projects can be imported for use in the Play List. TRAX can be recorded to live, and, via MIDI CC, be modified per step like a conventional sequencer.

Compose up to 4 multi-pole curved CV/MIDI ADDSR envelopes to be triggered by sequencer notes, TRAX steps, the Play List, a specific drum, and other events. LFO-like waveforms can be drawn via CV input, or created parametrically to be sent to MIDI CC's, AT, PW, or from a CV output. Envelope timing is clock-based from 0:01 tick to 8:00 "beats" long and can be continuous like an LFO

Pressing this button will send all required MIDI setups as specified.
Hold on this to modify CC jacks 5, 6, CLKout, to inputs/outputs to CV control internal functions or send MIDI Instruments on all 16 channels and update up to 4 CC parameters per channel. Can be pushed to update a synth by simply clicking on the QB. CC 5, 6, & CKo input jacks can be used to make / record MIDI notes (CV2MIDI)

To set master clock input division /1, /2, /3, /4 to /96 Delta Clock sync alignment ensures changes are perfect every time. Auto-MIDI clock switch will output for modular Clock seamlessly. Applies to clock jack and MIDI clock input.

Tracker Clocks:
Each of the 5 Trackers can have clock div/mult from master clock. Trackers each have their own Swing extension (combined with master swing from Song Loops) and a variable sized Swing mask sub-sequencer.

To select one of 4 preset Channel Modes & Sources to Gate/CV jacks (below) or Drums mode converting 12 jacks to trigger your favorite percussion modules (Hold this button to set sources/MIDI channels/glide and other parameters for each jack) Also set CC1-6 jack's output function, CC2CV, Envelope/LFO, Velocity, internal Triggers.

To select chord Gate/CV play order/distribution/priority, Stack, Range, Cycle, random, and decent Arpeggiator. (Hold button to make settings for each. Range sets note ranges per jack, Random to select probability of each jack row, stack or cycle to set valid release times etc)

Select Bus:
Configure Select bus settings for this Song Project.Can be master or slave. Slave mode can simply select a Song Project to load, or be set as offset to trigger custom remote control list inside a project or globally, thus changing any parameter in the Sequarallel. Both types of Select Bus are supported.

Master CV tuning in cents (+/-0-99). (Hold for individual CV tunings & to set Zero Volt note)
VCO-autotune calibration feature for up to 8 named VCO's per jack gives you perfect intonation over VCO/V range, even with Hz/V VCO's. Once calibrated, a Scala SysEx can customize CV offsets.

Song FX:
A drop-down button to add various FX to the Song Loops (up to 17 groups of FX) like Note Mirroring, Scale quant, Tempo quant, note lengths, level & tonal limits, Swing, transpose, channel mask, and 3-16 step FX mask sub-sequencer with various size & clock settings plus sub-sequencer offset in ticks (1/24ths). These FX groups can completely change your Song recording from loop to loop, and transpose + Scales can be applied to the TRAX trackers and Layers as well. Layer's step sequencer can optionally use song loop's FX and even re-triggering of notes on.

This 11 track x 64 grid allows placement of Song Loops, Tracker patterns, MIDI Layer Sub-sequencers, PLFX, and automations in the form of blocks in cells. These blocks in succession will be stepped through until there is an empty cell at which point the play will loop to the top. Several groups of blocks in any order can be added per track and conditional blocks added to control flow. Any block can be armed to play next, live.

Conditional Blocks can be used to pause the sequences for a time or until certain conditions, both internal and external, arise.

Play List FX can set nearly any parameter to any value from any track's block entry. Each track has 8 PLFX bundles with up to 4 modifiers in each, so any one of the 8 bundles can be selected to trigger upon entry to the Play List block. PLFX can even be used to arm other tracks in the Play List.

Song Project #:
Select to load song/sequences recorded, up to 61 projects (Hold to view or edit the Project's name)

Save:Edit to immediately save present Song Project while playing or stopped. "Save As" to save to a different Song#, Save:Init will update default project so all Projects can be created with these settings. The drop-down also includes Delete, Restart, and Global Settings entry.

On the left side of the display 4 large notes are displayed as they are played (live) or sequenced out to CV.
During Drums mode there are 12 boxes (with note#'s) that highlight when a percussion trigger occurs
On the right side are the Quick Boxes that can be scrolled up/down to edit
Dimmed screen-saver protects the OLED display from burn-in.

Gate/Velocity/CV Outputs:
The outputs are -5V to +5V
There are 4 configurable CV Modes to select which sources are sent to the jacks. 4 rows of Gate+CV for MIDI notes, and 6 CC CV outputs from internal or external sources (velocity, envelope,env+vel, MIDI CC). Sources can be from internal sequencer (SongLoops, Layer#'s, TRAX trackers, envelope), MIDI/LINK input, or a MIDI channel from output stream + MIDI input merging if desired.

These CV Modes can be selected during Sequence Playing and each have programmable channels settings. This means that other hidden sequences on other MIDI channels can be accessed by simply changing this Mode#. Drums CV Mode changes jacks to 12 triggers assignable to MIDI notes by clicking on them & selecting a note#

CV outputs very closely follow MIDI Pitch Bends and are individually tune-able

AUTO REC Automation recorder:
MIDI CC/PW/AT automations can be recorded to be placed in the Play List for up to 999 bars (measures) to add FX to any playing channels(s). It can also be used on the MIDI Remote channel to control almost any internal parameter as would normally be done via MIDI controller.

Select-able clock source or "auto". MIDI clock (if present) is always followed during a song record, but modular clock input (/1 to /96) takes over (if patched) during play or any other record function.
Internal BPM clock source is also available.

MIDI CC's:Jacks CC1-CC6
These 6 jacks will output CC->CV levels (assigned to any CC's) or act as inputs (CC5, CC6, & CKo) to send MIDI CC/PC/PW/AT or internal controls for any parameter. They can also be used to input up to 3 notes triggered by change or a gate with up to 2 notes. CC's can be "temporally smoothed" to provide an analog-like ramp!

VEL CV jacks CC1-CC4
Primarily these 4 jacks are note velocity outputs to accommodate rows 1-4 Gate & CV but can be changed to output CV from any MIDI CC, aftertouch, or note/event triggered envelope & envelope x velocity (great for filters)

Clock Out CV Input
If the clock out jack isn't being used (i.e. clock source=modular clock input) it becomes a 3rd CV input

MIDI input
Primarily for recording MIDI or MIDI2CV. Accepts MIDI input to merge with Sequarallel's MIDI during play plus internal remote controls as defined. Assigned jacks can output MIDI & LINK input directly or merged with another source. Doubles as a reset/ trigger input if used with regular TS plug.

MIDI output:
During Sequence play, all recorded MIDI channels are output to use with your fav. synth or percussion instruments. Channels can be routed to output from the panel MIDI out, or the LINK MIDI out, merged from panel MIDI input, and LINK input. The recorded MIDI Song's FX bundles can enable/disable song channels as the sequence progresses. TRAX trackers can be assigned each their own channel and recorded Layers mapped. The CV Modes can be set to select which channels, or sources, go to Gate/CV jacks

Provides additional true MIDI I/O on the backplane (4 pin header) for direct connection to other modules with backplane MIDI. Can be used to merge MIDI input or output certain MIDI channels to breakout or a module that accepts MIDI input behind the panel. Has all of the routing capability of the panel MIDI output.

Various Global Settings including:
CV to gate delay: This is for sample players or other digital edge triggered modules 0 to 8mS
Screen Saver Type, Calibration, LED/Display Bright, Timeouts, send sysEx dump of Song Project

New features: Select Bus, Sequence Modifiers, TRAX step sequencers much bigger memory (for recording larger MIDI Songs/Layers), 4 Layers Sub-sequencers per Layer track, each with 8 "letters" A-H, Layer Record's 1-shot & start on Clock options for easy recording from a DAW or other MIDI sequencer

Available Shortly!

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