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AYE EL EM 2.1Eurorack
AYE EL EM 2.0Eurorack
Improv System 3.5Eurorack
AYE EL EM 1.0Eurorack
Improv System 3.4bEurorack
Improv System 3.4Eurorack
Improv System 3.3Eurorack
Improv System 3.2Eurorack
Improv System 3.1Eurorack
Improv System 3.0Eurorack
Improv System 2.0Eurorack
Improv System 2.0Eurorack
Jesse RackEurorack
Side car 168 DiscotequeknowEurorack
Side car 168Eurorack
Palette 3 (copy) (copy)Eurorack
Rig 5.4 (copy)Eurorack
Rig 5.4Eurorack
Rig 5.3Eurorack
Video Synth 1.0 (copy)Eurorack
Video Synth 2.0Eurorack
Rig 5.2 BetaEurorack
Rig 5.1Eurorack
Palette 3 (copy)Eurorack
Palette 3Eurorack
Palette 2Eurorack
Palette 1Eurorack
Rig 5.0 + Sidecar TrialEurorack
Side car 9uEurorack
Polyphony CabooseEurorack
Rig 5.0Eurorack
Rig 4.7 Imaginary FriendsEurorack
Rig 4.7Eurorack
Rig 4.6 BetaEurorack
Rig 4.5 BetaEurorack
Rig 4.4 BetaEurorack
Rig 4.3 8 RowEurorack
Rig 4.2 8 RowEurorack
Rig 4.1 8 RowEurorack
Rig 4.0 8 RowEurorack
Rig 3.0 (Beta) 8 RowEurorack
Rig 2.9 (Beta) 6 RowEurorack
Rig 2.8 (Beta) 8 RowEurorack
Rig 2.7 Sinfonion (Beta)Eurorack
Rig 2.6 August 2019Eurorack
Rig 2.5 August 2019Eurorack
Rig 2.3 August 2019Eurorack
Rig 2.2 July 2019Eurorack
Rig 2.1 July 2019Eurorack
Rig 2.0 July 2019Eurorack
Rig 1.9 June 2019Eurorack

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Second_Breakfast currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace