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4-VOICE OSC/Filt (As Is - PA0 in, 4x Manic before Pivot)EurorackPrivate
4-VOICE OSC/Filt (Plan - 4x Manic, Pivots)EurorackPrivate
L1 Case (As Is - Target - NGs back)Eurorack
Mixer PaletteEurorack
L1 Case (As Is - Target)Eurorack
4-VOICE OSC/Filt (Plan - 4x Manic, Pivots, Full 1U)EurorackPrivate
Doepfer LC3Vs [6] (Target - 4x Local Parks, extra osc set)EurorackPrivate
4-VOICE OSC/Filt (As Is - PA0 and HSO swapped in)EurorackPrivate
Doepfer LC3Vs [6] (As Is - add HSO and PLL, Local Parks in quad)EurorackPrivate
4-VOICE OSC/Filt (As Is)EurorackPrivate
4-VOICE VCA/Exp/Mix (As Is - 8hp 1U Open) (copy)EurorackPrivate
4-VOICE OSC/Filt (As Is - 10hp 1U Open - Plan)EurorackPrivate
Doepfer LC3Vs [5] (As Is - add HSO and PLL)EurorackPrivate
Doepfer LC3Vs [5] (Target)EurorackPrivate
Doepfer LC3Vs [5] (As Is - add PLL)EurorackPrivate
- DESIGN - Quad Delay PaletteEurorack
(plan) - PHASE 6 - L-1 Case [metal #1] - Quad OscsEurorack
Pod 64x and Pod 34x (Target - 4x Triple Cap)EurorackPrivate
- UPDATES - Doepfer LC3Vs [5] - Test Modules Draft - ReworkEurorackPrivate
- UPDATES - 4-VOICE OSC/Filt (First Utility Version - after Processing Palette)EurorackPrivate
- UPDATES - Pod 64x and Pod 34x (Intermediate stage?)EurorackPrivate
Modulation Palette (Target - after Quad LFO Pod)Eurorack
- UPDATES - Pod 64x and Pod 34x (Full Quad Buildout - Per-Voice)EurorackPrivate
- DESIGN - Delay Palette - Stereo (Phase 1C.2B) - alt designEurorack
- UPDATES - 4-VOICE OSC/Filt (Full Utility Version - theoretical)EurorackPrivate
- UPDATES - Pod 64x and Pod 34x (Full Quad Buildout)EurorackPrivate
- DESIGN - Delay Palette - Stereo (Phase 1C.2B)Eurorack
Modulation Palette (As Is - 12hp 1U Open)Eurorack
- UPDATES - 4-VOICE VCA/Exp/Mix (MIDI Moved - 42hp 1U Open)EurorackPrivate
4-VOICE VCA/Exp/Mix (As Is - 8hp 1U Open)EurorackPrivate
(plan) Pod48x Sequencer setupsEurorackPrivate
Pod 64x and Pod 34x (As Is)EurorackPrivate
- DESIGN - MIDI and Interface (Phase 2 - Intellijel Palette 62HP)EurorackPrivate
(plan) - PHASE 6 - Studio Lift Case (filled out with high-end filters) (copy)Eurorack
(plan) Quad and Interface (Intellijel 84HP) (with PanMix)EurorackPrivate
- DESIGN - Doepfer LC3Vs [5] (Rationalized)EurorackPrivate
(plan) - PHASE 6 - Studio Lift Case (filled out with high-end filters)Eurorack
(plan) - PHASE 6 - L-1 Case [wooden] - Drums (space cleared by metal osc/filter case)Eurorack
(plan) - PHASE 6 - L-1 Case [metal #2] - Drums OnlyEurorack
L1 Case (As Is - Stable)Eurorack
(plan) Controller - Planar Expansion - Intellijel Palette 104HPEurorackPrivate
Unracked - wooden boxEurorackPrivate
Z - (concept) Synthracks/Hinton 18U Studio (four-voice, different layout)EurorackPrivate
(plan) - PHASE 6 - L-1 Case [wooden] (filled out with high-end filters)Eurorack
X - (concept) Doepfer Monster Case (for common ground)Eurorack
Z - (concept) Synthracks/Hinton 18U Studio (six-voice)Eurorack
X - (concept) 6x6 Matrix Mixer (Doepfer Monster Case)EurorackPrivate
X - (concept) 8x8 Matrix MixerEurorack
(plan) Controller - Direct CV Expansion - Intellijel Palette 104HPEurorackPrivate
Z - (concept) Synthracks/Hinton 18U StudioEurorack
(plan) Quad Control and Pedal Integration (Intellijel 84HP)EurorackPrivate
(plan) Quad and Interface (Intellijel 84HP)EurorackPrivate
Small Passive Pod 20EurorackPrivate
(plan) Hybrid I/O (Intellijel 84HP case)EurorackPrivate

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AI004 OTA VCF Black, VC F3DB, Anomaly, AI017 Low Pass Gate Black, SH5-VCF, Mr. Phil Ter, AM991, AM303, Resonate - Magpie white panel, Moon Phase (silver), ATC-1 Adapter, Aperture (BLACK), VCF, Low Pass Filter (Black Panel), 860 MK2 (GREY), AM8069, AM8003 VCF, BMC055 Sallen-Key VCF, BMC080 Diode Low Pass VCF, AT THE GATES, Seju Stereo, Black Low-Pass VCF, Filter Coupler, Black HP VCF, 3320 Low-Pass Filter (LPF) Classic Edition, Dripples, D / 8 DIODE FILTER, BMC032 Blended Bandpass - synthCube, Crow, pkhi mk2, 924 Fixed Filter Bank, Thomas Henry PAL VCF, Sunless City, Après Dix, LP-VCF, Delta VCF Black, 860 MK2, Transistor Ladder VCF, Funky Ladder Filter LE MK2, Funky Ladder Filter LE MK2, D/8 Diode Filter (White), Gem LP, Gem HP, 2140 Dual Voltage-Controlled Filter (VCF), pkhi, Tama12, VCF/VCA 6 Grey, DALPG, DPLPG, Cthulhu (2nd run w. Green panel), 2140 Low-Pass Filter (LPF) Classic Edition, 3350 Dual State-Variable Filter (SVF), 3350 Dual State-Variable Filter (SVF) Classic Edition, MRG LPF/a, 2140 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), 1970, 4023, Minotaur, shuia, MMF-2 (Battleship Grey), Multimode Ladder Filter, OpticTone, Blades, Resonate - Magpie Black Panel, Pro VCF Aluminum, TriTone_black, 991 Filter and Attenuator, FREQ2, Opto3.5, Doupples, MCF, Black LPG, Ikarie, multimode filter / resonator 1047, Katowice, RS-110N, Dual LPG - Magpie white panel, MACA Filter, 3320 High-Pass Filter (HPF), 3320 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), 2144 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), MRG 3320 LPF, 4023 VCF Aluminum, 4023 VCF Black, 204D Dual VCF, Cinnamon - Black, Popple, 3320-VCF, Dragon-FLY, Through-Hole Ripples, Seju, Quad AAF (BLACK), SVF-1, Ping Filter, Filtamp Module 1006, GYRINX VCF, Beautifier, omsonic & Dan A SVVCF, F-510 Synare VCF, SVF(Soulless), SVF(B/W), SH2-VCF Aluminum, 101-VCF Black, C4RBN, Passive LPG 1U, Croglin, Moon Phase, 204D VCF, Hex VCF, IMÁGENES, Discrete Ladder Filter, Ripples (2020), LR4 Crossover, Steiner-Parker VCF, 12dB BPF, 24dB HPF, 24dB LPF, X-1 Filter, TR-Core VCF, 2HP Vactrol LPG, Quad Cutoff, Neutron Flux, SCLPL, Dual Dagger, massive passive HP/LOW-CUT, Fusion VCF3, Sharp Cutoff Filter MODEL 191, MMVCF, X-Series MKII Backend Filter, ADDAC601 VC Fixed Filter Bank (black) and BBX291 VCF
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