18 HP
38 mm deep
Current Draw
200 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$525 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

2-Channel Tube Signal Processor

the tvm23 is an all analog audio processor for eurorack format synthesizers.

the tvm23 is a dual processor with two separate channels independent from each other. the heart of both channels is a 6cb6 pentode. two matched 6cb6 pentodes are used. the left channel utilizes distortion and feedback to create harmonic trills and waveshaping effects. a genuine 5c1 vactrol is used for control voltage of the feedback. the bottom left row of jacks are for the left channel. the left knob is for the feedback, the center left knob is for the gain. this channel seems to have more obvious effects when an audio source higher in frequency is inserted. hit the transpose up on your sequence a few times to see what we mean.

the right channel is a loud but clean tube vca suitable for sweetening audio signals and processing dynamic depth. the 6cb6 is used for both audio processing as well as control voltage processing for this channel. the bottom right row of jacks is for the right channel. the right knob is the gain control for this tube vca. while most "vca" modules are voltage controlled attenuators, this is a voltage controlled amplifier. your signal will come out louder than before when patching into this channel.

the left channel greatly benefits from having attenuation before entering. even better is placing a vca before it to have dynamic depth control of the waveshaping and distortion effects. you can use the right channel for this. however, most likely you already have a traditional vca in your system so you can use what you have for attenuation/vca duties before entering the left channel, then...patch the left channel into the right channel for it's gain and audio sweetening effects.

38mm rear depth
18hp wide
200 ma +12 average load, 500 ma on first power up
50 ma -12

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