Arkan, Mandrake and Wyvern are among Malstroms most popular products.

News from the Labs

Malstrom Wyvern
6 Jun 2024 Malstrom
Sinesquares wrote a great review of Wyvern. Placing it among their favorite saturators! You can read about it here: 
Malstrom Wyvern
30 May 2024 Malstrom
Audiorial made a great video of Wyvern! 
Malstrom Wyvern
4 Apr 2024 Malstrom
Announcing Wyvern - Stereo Saturation Controller! 
Malstrom Arkan
22 Aug 2023 Malstrom
Our beloved Arkan is back in stock at our webshop! 
Malstrom Arkan
28 Jul 2023 Malstrom
Amazing video from Bries with our Arkan. Showing the module in great detail, a dive into the theory and how to put it into practice. Well worth the watch! 
Malstrom Mandrake
20 Jul 2023 Malstrom
Bries uploaded a great video on kick drum modules and how to patch your own. He shares his thoughts on Mandrake and some sounds too! Be sure to check it out here: 
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Kick Drum Synthesizer

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Stereo Saturation Controller

$358 MSRP