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Submitted Modules

RNC1773 Really Nice CompressorPedals
tubedrve500 Series
blue 2Eurorack
Nervous Squirrel Ore-Some VoltsEurorack
Conway's GameEurorack
String ThingEurorack
DRM1 MK IVPedals
Hack Modular Telegraph LampEurorack
crucfx obvrt placeholderEurorack
ELC Systems haXOREurorack
ELC Systems 3KMEurorack
Two One FrostedEurorack
Teletype (DIY, Black Panel)Eurorack
envf custom panelEurorack
Model 140 Timing Pulse Generator Buchla
Model 191 Sharp Cutoff FilterBuchla
ChiliCases PSUEurorack
DIY Euro to Banana JumblrEurorack
DIY Dual Passive Low Pass GateEurorack
Model 146 Sequential Voltage Source Buchla
Quad Envelope Generator Model 280Buchla
Quad Lopass Gate Model 292Buchla
Programmable Spectral Processor Model 296Buchla
Triple Envelope Detector Model 230Buchla
Six Channel Mixer Model 106Buchla
Control Voltage Processor Model 156Buchla
Dual Square Wave Generator Model 144Buchla
Voltage Controlled Mixer Model 107Buchla
White Noise Generator Model 160Buchla
Random Voltage Source Model 165Buchla
Dual Sin Sawtooth Generator Model 158 (Acid Red)Buchla
Patchboard Model 124Buchla
Dual Ring Modulator Model 111Buchla
Dual Voltage Controlled Gate Model 110Buchla
Dual Attack Generator model 180Buchla
Dual Sin Sawtooth Generator Model 158Buchla
Monsoon Custom PanelEurorack
Cold mac custom panelEurorack
2mm banana to euro format jumblrEurorack
NIHIL - YellowEurorack
Xone DB4Pedals
Tascam porta 02Pedals
Norns Rackmount (Prototype)Eurorack
Stages Bipolar (Custom Panel)Eurorack
Aluminum 30hp Blank PanelEurorack

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