200 mm wide
60 mm high
Current Draw
500 mA / 9 V AC
$185 Price in €

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RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor

FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor

The RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor from FMR Audio is a stereo compressor in a 1/3 rack size which offers a high-fidelity audio path and versatile compression schemes to help you control the level of vocals or create dynamic special effects for percussive instruments.

The RNC1773 provides two modes of operation, controlled with five parameters. The Normal mode lets you set the compression's attack and release times to achieve snappy snares and popping basses. The Super Nice mode cascades three stereo compressors in series, reducing compression artifacts and producing nearly invisible compression for natural-sounding vocals, acoustic guitars, program bus, and more.

The Really Nice Compressor employs a microprocessor to replace sidechain analog components, which can cause scratchy pot and switch problems. No audio flows through the microprocessor or front-panel controls, giving you the accuracy and precision of digital control with the clean tonal character of an all-analog signal path. The unit comes with a sidechain input to make your sounds cut through the mix.

Stereo compressor in 1/3 rack size, with high-fidelity audio path and compression scheme
Normal mode for serious signal squashing—very fast attack times allow positive control of percussive sources
Super Nice mode for near-invisible compression—cascades three stereo compressors in series to reduce compression artifacts
5 parameter controls with attack and release
Digital controls—no audio flows through front panel controls, permitting short audio runs to avoid hum/noise pickup and accurate repeatability of your favorite settings
Single 1/4" TRS cable attachment to insert jacks
1/4" TRS sidechain insert for special effects
Rugged, extruded aluminum and electro-galvanized steel enclosure
Rack-mountable design


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