6 HP
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$192 Price in €

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Eloquencer MIDI Expansion


* DIN-5 MIDI Input, DIN-5 MIDI Output, USB Host.

* 4 freely assignable buttons. They can be assigned to:

  • Next/previous pattern
  • Next/previous part
  • Direct access to Pattern mode, Play parts, Duplicate, Project, Gate REC, CV Key REC, MIDI key REC, Free Play…
  • Save current project
  • Random 1 to 3 layers of selected track
  • Reset LFO of selected track
  • On/Off LFO of selected track
  • Freeze
  • Revert
  • Fill A to H or selected track
  • Mute A to H or selected track
  • DJ Nudge FWD/BCK fine/coarse

Eloquencer can receive 24ppqn sync from MIDI device from its DIN-5 MIDI Input, and can send 24ppqn MIDI clock through its DIN-5 MIDI out.
When working as ‘internal’ it will send the internal clock to the MIDI output.
When working as ‘external’ will send the eurorack incoming clock to the MIDI output transformed into 24ppqn.

The Eloquencer tracks can be independently assigned to:
* Voice events (note on/off, velocity, ch pressure…) For example Track A can be assigned to Channel 1 Note on/off and Track B can be assigned to Channel 1 Velocity, so track A gates and CV control Channel 1 notes and pitch, and track B controls Channel 1 Velocity.
* Control Change (CC)
* Program Change (PC)

The gate and CV output will work as usual when a MIDI OUTPUT is assigned, so voices can be doubled using the modular and an external synth.

There’s a particular execution order for MIDI out events, so the first to be launched is the Program Change, followed by the CC and then the voice events. This way, we can launch program changes before the note on message is received allowing preset changes for each step.

Both, the DIN-5 MIDI in and the USB can be used to change eloquencer parameters using controllers or to introduce notes in REC MODE using a keyboard.

There are 3 different groups of controls associated to MIDI channels:
* Channel : 8 MIDI channels to control parameters of specific tracks from A to H
* Global : 1 MIDI channel to control Global parameters.
* Focus: 1 MIDI channel to control the parameters of the currently selected track (track in focus). That means that if Track A is selected and we send CC 38, we will be shifting track A, but if we select track B and we send the same CC 38, we will be shifting track B.

When using the USB host input, the EME can send feedback information in case the controller that is being used has LEDs to be updated.

There is a big amount of eloquencer parameters that can be controlled using an external MIDI interface / controller. For example:
* Non-destructive track parameters addition/subtraction (CV, CVP, CVR, GL GLP, R…)
* Track length
* Step mode / Step mode DIV / Step mode REP
* Track shift
* LFO on/off / Type / Length / amplitude.
* Fill
* Mute
* Random
* CV Gate link
* Scale group and root
* Tempo
* DJ Nudge
* Shuffle
* Clock out
* Play / Stop
* Direct access to modes (Pattern, Project, Live REC…)

A MIDI Channel can be assigned to an Eloquencer Track, so the gate and CV outputs will stop listening to what is sequenced and start listening all note on/off messages coming from the chosen MIDI channel.

The power consumption in the 5V bus is determined by the device that is connected to the USB Host


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