Olivella Modular

Olivella Modular

High-quality Eurorack modules from Argentina, with love.

IMÁGENES, SIGNOS, μSt, QUATRO and GRAVEDAD are among Olivella Modulars most popular products.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


News from the Labs

Olivella Modular GRAVEDAD
12 Jun 2023 Olivella Modular
Introducing GRAVEDAD, our new VCO with TZFM capabilities, sub-harmonic generator with stereo panning, CV-able octave slider and more! Watch the live demo here: https://youtu.be/RIHv8faZvkk 
Olivella Modular μSt
10 Dec 2021 Olivella Modular
μSt is a minimal panning mixer, featuring 7 inputs and 2 outputs with level attenuation switches. Find more about dealers and all our other modules at www.olivellamodular.com 
Olivella Modular SIGNOS
26 Apr 2021 Olivella Modular
SIGNOS is an incredibly versatile dual channel utility module in just 8HP! Contact us and find more info about all our modules at www.olivellamodular.com 


Olivella Modular

Stereo state variable filter

$299 MSRP


Olivella Modular

Quad VCA / VC mixer

$169 MSRP


Olivella Modular

Minimal panning mixer

$109 MSRP


Olivella Modular

Analog gravitational VCO

$369 MSRP


Olivella Modular

Dual solid-state gate

$389 MSRP


Olivella Modular

Spicy wavefolder

$249 MSRP