ThreeTom Modular

Hi, my name is Tom Verschooten, and I’m the guy behind ThreeTom Modular Synthesizers, a small boutique Eurorack business based in Belgium. ThreeTom is my “hobby that got out of hand” and I fully intend to keep it that way.

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Steve's MS-22, Doppio, "Technomancer" illuminated blind plate and Tom Plate are among ThreeTom Modulars most popular products.

News from the Labs

ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22
12 Feb 2021 ThreeTom Modular
Pre-orders for the April batch are now open! > 
ThreeTom Modular "Technomancer" illuminated blind plate
21 Jan 2021 ThreeTom Modular
If you have been considering to build my Technomancer illuminated blind plate, but were holding off because of the lack of a build guide, I have some good news for you: I finally found the time to get the build guide done. You can find the build guide on the DIY page. > 
ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22
4 Jan 2021 ThreeTom Modular
I finally got around to updating the picture that's on Modular Grid. Yay for a crisp new product photograph, and goodbye to the old picture of the prototype :). Stay tuned for new batches! 
ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22
6 Nov 2020 ThreeTom Modular
Hi everybody! Currently, it isn’t clear yet how Brexit will impact my business as of next year. Because of Brexit getting near, I’ve decided to set up another production run for Steve’s MS-22. This way, all of my friends in the UK are able to get their hands on Steve’s MS-22 before Brexit happens. I think it’s quite possible that as of next year I won’t be shipping to the UK until I have all the extra administration figured out.  

Steve's MS-22

ThreeTom Modular

Dual VCF (inspired by a classic OTA design) w/ an innovative modulation matrix & one...

$278 MSRP

"Technomancer" illuminated blind plate

ThreeTom Modular

Fancy semi-transparent blind plates with RGB leds on the back

$13 MSRP

Tom Plate

ThreeTom Modular

Face of Tom


ThreeTom Modular

Doppio is a stereo drive and limiter with soft clipping and coffee-bean-shaped...

$179 MSRP