Tre Modular

Tre Modular

Tre Modular is a Latvia-based company that makes Eurorack modules with love for sound.

Shape Mod, Replicant VCF and Quad LFO are among Tre Modulars most popular products.


Riga, Latvia

News from the Labs

Tre Modular Shape Mod
28 Mar 2024 Tre Modular
Introducing our newest module Shape Mod. Shape Mod is a powerful wavshaper/ring modulator based on Alisa 1377. Watch our demo video to find out more about this module: Visit our website for this and other modules: 

4035 VCF

Tre Modular

ARP Odyssey MkII filter (4035) Eurorack adaptation.

$94 MSRP
10 HP Filter

Quad LFO

Tre Modular

Quad LFO with Skew and PW control

$105 MSRP

Replicant VCF

Tre Modular

CS80 filter Eurorack adaptation

$140 MSRP
10 HP Filter

Shape Mod

Tre Modular

Waveshaper/ring modulator

$151 MSRP