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Submitted Modules

Octo Signal BufferEurorack
Dual Passive Stereo Attenuator Eurorack
Dual Passive Stereo Mult Eurorack
6HP Blanking PlateEurorack
4HP Blanking PlateEurorack
2HP Blanking PlateEurorack
Dual AttenuverterEurorack
Triple Latching SwitchEurorack
Dual Passive Attenuator (1U)Eurorack
Dual Passive Stereo Mult (1U)Eurorack
Dual Passive Stereo Attenuator (1U)Eurorack
Triple MIDI Converter Eurorack
Quad Passive Converter - TRSEurorack
Quad Manual GateEurorack
Dual Buffered MultEurorack
Transistor Ladder Filter (1U)Eurorack
Quad Passive Converter - BNCEurorack
Dual Passive Stereo Switch (1U)Eurorack
Dual Passive Switch (1U)Eurorack
Dual Passive Mult (1U)Eurorack
Dual Passive Stereo SwitchEurorack
Mini Quad Stereo MuteEurorack
Mini Quad MuteEurorack
Transistor Ladder FilterEurorack
20HP Blanking PlateEurorack
18HP Blanking PlateEurorack
16HP Blanking PlateEurorack
14HP Blanking PlateEurorack
12HP Blanking PlateEurorack
10HP Blanking PlateEurorack
8HP Blanking PlateEurorack
20HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
18HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
16HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
14HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
12HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
10HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
8HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
6HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
4HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
2HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
1HP Blanking Panel 1U (Intellijel) Eurorack
1HP Blanking Panel Eurorack
Dual Passive SwitchEurorack
Dual Passive MultEurorack
Dual Passive AttenuatorEurorack

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