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BMOT's current Eurorack 2023 new layout (copy)EurorackPrivate
BMOT's Eurorack 2023 possible layoutEurorackPrivate
BMOT's current Eurorack 2023 next versionEurorack
BMOT's current Eurorack 2023 new layoutEurorackPrivate
BMOT's Eurorack 2022 (Case from Lake)EurorackPrivate
BMOT 9U rack wishlistEurorackPrivate
BMOT Eurorack 1st case almost completeEurorackPrivate
BMOT’s first EurorackEurorackPrivate

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Odessa EU €400,00 

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DE-5 – SHAKTIEurorack

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Elements (5), Radio Music (5), Dual LPG (5), Stages (PCB Panel) (5), Homegrown Devices X / Y CV & Expression Joystick (5), Euclidean Circles v2 (5), QD - Quad Drum Voice (5), Dixie II (4), Beads (4), Knit (uPlaits) (4), Maths (4), JOVE (4) and HexMix VCA (3)
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