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ARP 2500 84 (copy)Eurorack
ARP 2500 84Eurorack
ARP 2500 104Eurorack
make noise 64Eurorack
Buchla tiptop 106Eurorack
ARP 2500Eurorack
valise make noiseEurorack
valise mutableEurorack
palette (copy)Eurorack
Buchla rackEurorack
My lupine EurorackEurorack
ma valise de perf dans les boisEurorack
palette (copy)Eurorack
6U micro soundEurorack
palette projectEurorack
small anywhere rackEurorack
ma valise de perfEurorack
rack huge 168 HPEurorack
Arturia 6U 2Eurorack
effect and sample performance rackEurorack

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Module Region Price
μVCA II EU €100,00 
Time Apprentice EU €45,00 
1050 EU €80,00 
uMGTV EU €140,00 
Sinfonion EU €880,00 
Arches EU €550,00 
Peaks EU €140,00 
Blinds EU €170,00 

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