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My DIY Collection #2Eurorack
Flightcase1 (99HP)EurorackPrivate
My DIY CollectionEurorack
The MachineEurorack

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Submitted Modules

moor matrix mixEurorack
moor oscillator #1Eurorack
moor punchEurorack
moor jointsEurorack
moor QTLFOEurorack
moor G2TEurorack
moor mixEurorack
moor F5Eurorack
moor chaosEurorack
Fixed LFO Bank Art EditionEurorack
MS-Link Art EditionEurorack
moorblindz pc9Eurorack
moorblindz pc7Eurorack
moorblindz pc6Eurorack
moorblindz pc5Eurorack
moorblindz pc4Eurorack
moormotor M19Eurorack
moormotor M18Eurorack
moormotor M17Eurorack
moormotor CD3LFOEurorack
moormotor M16Eurorack
moormotor M4Eurorack
moormotor M3Eurorack
Route 64Eurorack
moormotor M5Eurorack
moormotor M15Eurorack
Dual OscillatorEurorack
moormotor M14Eurorack
moormotor M13Eurorack
moormotor M12Eurorack
TimeCount Art EditionEurorack
Resistance Art EditionEurorack
power busEurorack
moormotor M11Eurorack
moormotor M10Eurorack
moormotor M9Eurorack
moormotor M7Eurorack
Matrix Expander G/XEurorack
Matrix Expander 7/20Eurorack
Turing Machine DIYEurorack
Matrix 20/20 DIYEurorack
Dual AttenuatorEurorack
OR CombinerEurorack

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mrsupersubsonic was rated positive by jakebirch, markylorenzen, nniikkoo, Zbigniew and Selten

Rated Modules

This User rated 12 modules.

Multiple (5), Matrix Expander 7/20 (5), Matrix Expander G/X (5), Multicore (5), Klicker (5), Warp (5), Turing Machine DIY (5), Timekeeper (5), Multiple (5), Dual Attenuator (5), Dual Oscillator (5) and Matrix 20/20 DIY (5)
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