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Helton (copy)Eurorack
My mantic MUMUPrivate
My clouded MUMUPrivate
Disco Infiltrator (copy)Eurorack
Bureau (copy)Eurorack
Disco InfiltratorEurorack
My yester PedalboardPedalsPrivate
My humdrum Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My humdrum EurorackEurorack
Noisy Thing IIEurorack
Noisy Thing InvertedEurorack

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Collection 116 modules

A-138m, A-127, A-133, A-165, A-166, A-101-2, TAI-4, ADDAC200S Size Matter black, μFold II/uFold II, Links, Dual ADSR, OR, 6hp blank, Pole-Zero, Spectrum, A-127-2, ADDAC301 Floor Control, S.B.G, modDemix 2014, A-012 Dual Lin VCA, 1HP Bamboo Blank Panel, 2HP Bamboo Blank Panel, A-160-2, C-211 DADSR – Delayed Envelope, C-310 Dual Opto-FET S&H/T&H, LEVELS, C-215 AHDSR Envelope With Hold Segment, Invert Mix, BAMBUK 3HP - Bamboo Blind Panel, L-111 LFO2, NOISE, Lifeforms SV-1, A-190-3v, RINGMODULATOR, Quadratt 1U, Mult 1U, Audio I/O 1U, Audio I/O Jacks 1U, USB Power 1U, A-184-2, Zone B.F. Black Edition, 8HP 1U Blank, 6HP 1U Blank, Pico ALOGIC, Buff Mult 1U, C-012 Precision dual up/down lag – slew limiter, A-138s, Tallin, HiPass, Discrete Core Ladder VCF, DETECT-Rx, A-140-2, Plaits, Link 2, Add 2, HPO, Octalink 1U, STATIC, Forbidden Planet, SunPulse Studios Custom CFM Panel, SunPulse Studios Custom InvertMix Panel, SunPulse Studios Custom LxD Panel, SunPulse Studios Custom Switch Panel, VCA, CalTrans, Milky Way (black), A-118-2, A-130-2, Tessitura Tailor, Stereo Line Out 1U, dual xfade_black, Nostalgia, A-133-2, Stereo Line In 1U, Répression, Moon Phase, Cosmix, Fold 6, 1U Blank (Punk Girl), 1U Blank (AO Blake), Midi 1U, G&T - 1U Intellijel, 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row SILVER (0.5U), CVx, Black VC Clock V2 , Safe Keeping Blind Panel 20HP, AD110 Analog Drums, Four Channel Mixer (White Panel), Line In (Black Panel), Line Out (Black Panel), Materia - Echolocation, Lorelei, Beatrix, Milky Way 1U (black), Buchla 281t, PA0 Phase Animated Oscillator, VoIS, Messor, ASCII 10HP 3U Gold Blank Panel, A-138j, Koszalin, Cumulus, Nautilus, µMIO, µLB-N, ADDAC712, Currents, Low Fat VCF, Tangrams, VCZIIIA Premium, VCZIIIB Premium, CV Bus Mk2, AM1035 Triple Modulator, Buchla 259t, A-168-1 and Bifold

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Buchla 259t (5)
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