14 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
95 mA +12V
65 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

Dual Analog Drum Generator

BOBA FAT is a dual voice bass- and kickdrum generator. The first voice "soft mallet" generates smooth and warm sounding bass and subbass sounds, whereas the second voice "hard mallet" is rather considered to create kick or tom sounds.

The eight potentiometers on the left control the soft mallet generator. PITCH controls the frequency, LEVEL the volume and BOOST adds low frequencies turning it clockwise and
reduces them turning it counterclockwise. MOD RATE and MOD ATT control an internal LFO and its attenuation. The LFO will affect the frequenciy of the soft mallet voice only. Additionally the LFO can by
synced to the incoming gate or trigger.
TRIG SLEW acts as some kind attack control and reduces transients making it very easy to create very smooth subbass drums. DECAY and RELEASE control the duration of the sounds being amplified by
an internal VCA. PRESENCE changes the prominence of the sound.

The three potentiometers on the very right affect the hard mallet generator. PITCH, LEVEL and BOOST have the same function as for the soft mallet part. PITCH will have a greater effect from 12 to 5 o´clock. Changes from 7 to 12 o´clock are rather subtle, but are set on purpose to add fine nunances with LEVEL and BOOST there.

OUT VOL changes the overall loudness of both drums. GATE accepts any gate or trigger signal to activate the generators. A signal at only at GATE will trigger both mallets. If a additional trigger is inserted to GATE S, GATE only triggers soft mallet and GATE S
triggers hard mallet separately. This way you can have indiviual drum tracks for both mallets creating very interesting rhythms.

A CV singal at MOD CV will override the internal LFO and CV control soft mallet pitch. It doesn´t exactly track 1V/oct, but you will be able to play some melodies. A trigger, gate or clock signal at MOD RST lets you reset the internal LFO with an external signal.
Any CV signal at VARI will slightly alternate the volume or generate additional triggers for the hard mallet circuit (depending on the incoming voltage). This gives you endless ways of
creating fine grooves and interesting rythms.

The circuit was designed to easily go into distortion and you may be carefull using LEVEL and BOOST controls. Boba Fat definetly needs some fine adjustments in order to find the sweet spots.

If you feed the GATE input with a trigger at audio rate you can also use BOBA FAT as a weird sound generator or drone machine.

• Analog Drum Generator
• Designed for Kick- and Bassdrums
• Two Voices: Soft Mallet and Hard Mallet
• Each Mallet may be triggered independently
• Internal LFO with Sync
• Volume and Boost per Voice
• Groove CV Input „Vari“ for Hard Mallet
• Mod Cv Input for Soft Mallet

The module consists of two boards:
• Front PCB Panel
• Main PCB


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