8 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
15 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$95 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

"MUTE" module and comparator

The SIGNAL SWITCH 2 module is a variation of the "SIGNAL SWITCH" module (https://www.modulargrid.net/e/ph-modular-signal-switch), it is a "MUTE" module composed of four identical stages, as well as two specific stages.
Using quality 'vactrols' helps avoid annoying clicks when turning your signals on/off passing through the module, and adds a slight interesting OUT fade. The MUTE of the signals is thus clean and discreet.

A signal entering "IN" and coming out "OUT" can be muted by the activation of an illuminated push button.

  • First part of the module (outputs 1 to 4)
    ON = Button pressed, Green LED lit, the incoming signal is directed to the output and therefore remains audible.
    MUTE = Button off, incoming signal is muted. Using "vactrol" avoids an unpleasant click and brings a slight fade OUT.

Internal routing (normalization) is a passive multiple of input 1:
The signal entering input 1 is also routed to the other 5 outputs 2-6 (which retain their own "MUTE" function). Inserting a jack into one of the inputs (2 to 6) breaks the downstream routing. This allows different combinations for its use, depending on your needs.

  • Second part of the module (outputs 5 & 6)
    This part of the module offers a different mode, since the incoming signal is routed either:
    -> to output A (and mutated to B) when the illuminated push button is in the pressed position (Green LED on), the "OUT5 B ON" Blue LED is off (since output B is inactive).
    -> to output B (and mutated to A) when the illuminated push button is in the up position (Green LED off since output A is inactive), the "OUT5 B ON" Blue LED is on to indicate the selected routing.

You can reverse this routing: two different signals entering the two connectors OUT5 A & OUT5 B can be routed, as desired, to IN 5 (same for 6).

Manual (EN)
Manuel (FR)

The price includes: module, screw M3 and connection cable. Excluding shipping costs !!

Manufactured by Christian from ph modular.
Available as an assembled Module, no kit.
Tested and assembled by hand. All components are through.

To order, please contact me (phneutre56@gmail.com) the terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs, will be detailed by return mail.
The payment will be in euros (€) and can be done by paypal. Delivery possible in the world, please contact me (phneutre56@gmail.com)
Shipping costs :
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