5 HP
20 mm deep

Module is a 1U tile

Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$9 Price in €

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

Bastl Skis Expander 1u

Passive module adds switches to Bastl Instruments Skis backside jumpers

The 1u (Pulp-size) module can be used to toggle settings available at the backside of the Bastl Skis dual decay + vca module (first version). Upper left switch changes B channel "Range" (decay length) and the lower changes the A channel. Dip pins 4 (For B) and 2 (For A) toggle the character to the VCA circuit. Dip switch pin 3 (for B) and 1 (for A) can be set to toggle the "Hold" function (turns the the decay envelope into release envelope) or alternatively for controlling the channel "Mute" settings. The unit connects to a custom breakout board at the back of the Skis module using a 14 pin ribbon cable (the breakout adds 15mm to Skis depth).

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