This looks interesting. I'd need two of those to attenuate the 2 stereo channels of the rack, though. And if I read correctly, it makes a good combination with Wavefonix's Clock Divider, but isn't one in itself.

So if I sum it up, to reach line level between my rack and the mixer, I have 4 solutions:
- dedicated output module (like Befaco Out V3) → takes a lot of room for a set & forget module
- headphones output (ALM HPO) + Y cable to split L and R signals before the mixer → is it a valid solution? (EDIT: nope)
- passive attenuators (like Doepfer A-183-1) → out of rack possible but may be difficult to find the right amount of attenuation?
- guitar pedal → out of rack but still needs some room and power

What is your take on this, how do you attenuate your output signal?