@halbroome Yeah, I confess that I do not use my semimodulars nearly as much now that I have stepped into the modular world. But they sound nice so for now I keep them, I just need to work how to properly include them in a patch.

I have nothing against guitar pedals, but the space on my desk is a bit limited so I try to keep things compact. The Signal Blender seems really useful and not too expensive though, so I may give it some thought. Thanks!

@GunnarWaage Just to be sure I understand, you're advising I make the signal go through passive attenuators if I don't use a dedicated output module? So that would be audio signal → VCA → passive att → mixer, instead of audio signal → VCA → line output module → mixer. So you're advising against using a small headphones output module (ALM HPO) and a Y 'TRS → 2x TS' cable to plug into the mixer?