I currently use the mixer that was provided with the Moog Sound Studio (4 mono or 2 stereo), but I was planning on doing some in-rack mixing too (using the VCA Out on the Moog to get modular level). Why are 1/4 cables "the way to go"?

-- blaaank

K, not familiar with it; once I went modular, semi-modular seemed a bit boring, haha (although I cherish my 3 rack Moogs and Make Noise). Mixers that go into computers are expensive 8'/.

Adding an additional track doesn't mean upgrading the mixer. Excuse my love of guitar pedals with synths, but this
pedal allows you to input 3 different 1/4 cables from your semi-modulars to go as 1 track in your mixer, while being
able to "attenuate" each, to use modular speak:


I actually have two Signal Blenders, so that my Moog 3-some rack can be all one mono output, and my Make Noise 3-some rack is a separate all in one mono signal to combine in a stereo send to the mixer. The great part is that you may attenuate any 1 semi-modular without affecting the others (i.e. Subharmicon too loud, but needed for internal mix, or one, two, three of the Make Noise semi-modulars needs to be less loud). Again, love the infinite combos!

[note: not endorsing any link I posted, just giving an example]