Thanks for your time and your reply, I appreciate it :)

Yes, I use an external non-modular mixer: the one that was included with the Mother 32 / DFAM bundle. It has 4 inputs, so for now I'm OK with it.

When I don't output stereo balanced signal from the rack, the DFAM, Mother 32, Subharmonicon and Modular Rack each go into a mono input of the mixer.
And when I output stereo balanced signal from the rack, 2 of the semimodulars go into the mono inputs of the mixer, the remaining semimodular is routed to the modular rack, which then goes to a stereo input of the mixer. So it would be more comfortable to have an additional input in the mixer, yes.

I was looking for a cheap mixer with more inputs so the Mix8 could do the job , thanks!

Right now I don't use a DAW, nor record what I do, I plan on getting to it once I'm satisfied of the sounds I make. I already had the Scarlet Focusrite in mind for the mixer / PC connection. I digged a bit on mixers that can be plugged into the PC but the ones I found are quite expensive, so I'll wait.

As for the listening part, I use a pair of Hercules monitors :)