In connection to the output module, if you are thinking to take multible channels to a mixer outside the rack, then youll probably want attenuators.

So 26 euros for a triple attenuator like this
-- GunnarWaage

Yeah, I planned to add some attenuators to my rack, currently the 3x MIA is my choice (but could be replaced by Frap Tools 321, still hesitating).

I love my Intellijel Audio I/O:

which can both input and output in just 10 hp. The Ochd - expansion combo rocks! Highly recommended.
-- halbroome

For now I don't see the use of a "line in" module, but thanks for the suggestion!
And thanks for confirming that the Ochd Expander is cool :)

this is why we use an output module that will adjust to the line level required
-- Sweelinck

Coming back to the "line out" module, I did a little bit more research. Space is crucial and I would want this module to take as little room as possible. Do you all think that an ALM HPO coupled with a Y cable TRS → 2x TS would do the trick for a stereo output? Or would it be better to have a proper L + R output module (Happy Nerding Isolator or Befaco Out V3, for example)?

Pams is very fluid with barely more than one nested menu in most use cases
-- Vegamorph

I also watched more "in-depth" videos about Pam's and, yeah, I must admit that it seems quite easy to get what you want. Plus the euclidian rythms part seem really nice. But (not considering its size which would make me pass on some other modules like the contact mic + looper) I'm afraid it would be partly redundant with Dice/Marbles. I know each one has unique features, but considering the number of voices I have I fear it may be overkill. What do you think?