Intellijel Quad VCA and Tiptop MISO. Boring on paper but super fun in practice. I also have a little Buchla based setup and modulation/expression/movement is key here.

If you have a DAW and some money to spend, though, you might also look at the Expert Sleepers ES-8 or ES-9 interfaces for interfacing your DAW and modular. Especially in tandem with VCV Rack. It has DC-coupled inputs and outputs so you can sent control voltage to and from your computer, thus allowing you to use software and hardware modules in the same context. This means your setup can expand indefinitely without you spending much money at all, relatively speaking.

Even if you do this, though, I still recommend some kind of hardware attenuation or VCA just to make things playable. The Doepfer A-133-2 is a good small option. 2hp has the Avert and VCA modules, but be careful with these - you have to make sure you have a place for them where they won't get buried and inaccessible.