@Vegamorph Ok, I understand. Right now I only use it at home. I may take it to holidays, but that's not sure so if it happens I'll buy an output module. If I can confirm there is no problem with outputting modular level to my mixer, I'll dedicate the few HPs I have left to something else.

@GunnarWaage Thanks for your advice!

Spectraphon and Quadrantid sound nice, but they are so big compared to the space I have left in my case... I get your point about not 20 different modules all at once. Do you feel that what I plan right now may not be workable?

I'm trying to take it slow (it's hard for me, but the fact that I try to buy all my modules second hand is actually helping me), so as I get the modules progressively I may change my plans for the rest of the case.

I got Maths because it's very often described as a "must have" module, but yes, if I don't get along with it I'll sell it to get simpler modules.