Hi all,

I'm currently building my first rack, I use it to make some kind of ambient music, but with a noisy twist.
I also have Moog DFAM, Subharmonicon and Mother 32. So I would like to be able to output the signals of these into my case, but also to play my rack as a stand-alone.

ModularGrid Rack
Here is what I have for the moment. I find it nice to begin with, but I would like to add more voices. I also miss some attenuation if I want to ouput the signal from the case to the Moog. And I guess some filter would be a nice addition.

ModularGrid Rack
And this is what I'm considering buying next, but I'm having trouble making up my mind:

  • Erica Synths Pico Out: don't know if it's necessary as I rarely play with headphones, but would be a plus if I take the case on holidays.
  • Happy Nerding 3x MIA, or Frap Tools 321? People seem to like both for different reasons, but can't decide which would be best suited for me.
  • 2hp Loop: may be a bit redundant with Mimeophon on "hold", but allows looping up to 5 minutes of sound, so would be great for noisy backgrounds? Any other idea for sound mangling compact module? Maybe an FX Aid?
  • Frap Tools 333: large number of mult/mix possibilities. Seems the best option to me.
  • DivKid Ochd Expander: for a larger choice of modulation. Any opinions on this?
  • Another Cloaks: I guess another voice + stereo output would force me to take this amount of additional VCAs.
  • Qpas: I think it's a pretty Moog-esque filter, but the sound shaping possibilities + stereo output attract me to it. Any thoughts?
  • Dual Dagger: a second voice would mean the need for a second VCF, I guess, and I'd like a pretty different one from the Qpas (if I go on with this one). But I also have Bastl Ikarie, Endorphin.es Squawk Dirty To Me, Schlappi 100 Grit, Joranalogue Filter 8 on my list, and open to ideas. Like maybe Eowave Tempête Magnétique, instead of having 2 different filters... Or Xaoc Katowice to have something a bit different?
  • 4ms Ensemble : I love the sound of this one from the multiple videos I saw. But the Magerit Laniakea seems really good too. I'm also liking what I saw of less standard VCOs Forge TME Vhikks X and Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher but they may be hard to master?

So yeah, a whole bunch of questions, please feel free to give your opinion or tell me if I've forgotten something important.
I'm also open to other modules (though not too keen on screens and menu diving).
Thanks :)