I have planned my own rack which is linked below, don't take the following paragraph as a request for someone to make me a rack.

I'm not going to do that it's too much effort!!!

Hello. I recently discovered modular and I'm now planning my first rack. I want something to do everything for making some form of psytrance while mostly away from the computer.

this is possibly leaning towards the folly of trying to do too much in too small a space...

I've decided on the requirements of ≥2 seperate synth voices, in this case the east beast and west pest because they are cheap and supposedly pretty good, as well as a kick and hats and a way to sequence them, which I decided on the peaks and ugrids modules. I am planning on using a black noise "voltage processor" as a dual vca as I've heared that vca's are important and this was the best fitting module I could find. The cellz and chipz would not cost me too much and add more functionallity, especially with the cellz to have an evolving sequencer when paired with 2 lfo's (kind of, as far as I know it can work like that.)

no snare???

doing things in modular 'because they are cheap' can be counter productive and costy more money in the long term - don't buy modules (or semi-modulars) because they are cheap unless you like the sounds you can get from them and like the interfaces - I can't comment on the semis other than re racking them in a eurorack case is kind of a waste of money, when they already come with cases and power... the chipz & cellz modules often turn up on used sites and are quitte difficult to sell from what I can gather, despite the low prices...

Speaking of which, due to the low price and ability to sync with my computer, I want to use 2 "NiftyCases." Using the "NiftyBundle," I can get 2 extra oscillators, a lfo, and a sequencer for just $70 usd more.

see above plus will the midi implementation on 2 nifty cases actually cover this well??? I've heard the midi implementation is not that good... btw you can sync to a computer using a kick sample on an audio track in your DAW, as long as you have a spare output and the appropriate cable... remember audio is much more stable than midi in all computer OSs as it has a much higher priority, so won't be interrupted as much by background OS tasks

I would be getting the top half of the rack that I made, minus the Erica Synths PICO Out,

do you need an output module? why do you think this? what are you plugging into? the nifty cases have 1/4" outs already... some simple attenuation before hitting these is probably all that's needed to connect to a mixer or audio interface

first as I get the money for the second half. Everything that can't be found on sweetwater or perfectcircuit will be bought on reverb. The only issue that I found in this rack is the depth of the A-199 by doepfer, which I would solve by desoldering the connection ports to the actual spring part of the module that are found at the bottom of the eurorack portion. It's just a simple fix to move the ports and I would go through this trouble because I heard this module is one of the best effects and worth it when just starting out. If it can't be done then I am open to other ideas.

reverb is expensive - try here (non-reverb listings, facebook marketplace & buy/sell groups for modular, modwiggler, reddt - r/modular has a monthly for sale thread)

I'd buy a deeper case or at a push m3 standoffs (& electrical tape) instead of desoldering parts of a mdule that already works

I tried my best but I want to know if it is possible to get more bang for my buck or what I should do differently. There is 4hp left over for another module(s) but I do not know what I would fill that space up with.

post the urls of your public racks... not jpgs, they don't really help us help you...

I am aware this rack might look stupid, so please look at this patch below for context.

https://cdn.modulargrid.net/img/patches/modulargrid_106845.jpg The mixer on the top would run into the unaffected channel of the mixer on the bottom, because it is already mixed. The top mixer has the 2 drum sounds and the east beast. The mixer on the bottom has the west pest, sampler, and the chipz. The mixer on the bottom runs into the headphone and line out on the Erica Synths PICO Out, which I would not buy on stage one (which I mentioned previously) because the top mixer has a headphone out.

Thank you for reading, any feedback would be amazing and I look forwards to the day I have a eurorack of my own.
-- reapingracoon

don't fall into the trap of false economy!!!

buying what you want and what you need to get it to work properly, as opposed to buying xyz because it's cheap WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG TERM... as will buying slowly one or 2 modules at a time and not all at once (no need to fill a rack - that's what blind panels are for - and you can make them yourself from cereal packets, or similar) - buy used from the places I recommended above will save you money over both stores will save you money... buying a better rack may give you a better user experience which in the end is priceless... buying a quad cascading vca (a veils clone for instance) will probably save you money in the long term - vcas are for modulation as well as audio!!!

so instead of a buying a couple of nifty bundles and a couple of semis - buy a mantis (or a doepfer lc6 or lc9) and a decent midi->cv module (mutant brain for instance) and just one of the semis to start with (if & only if you really want that semi, because you like it NOT just because it's cheap) - then add an analog vco, a vcf, a quad cascading vca, a modulation source, an envelope generator, maybe the reverb you want and maybe a alm hpo or the mixer with the headphone out... spend some time learning modular synthesis... work out the modules you actually want and those that you actually need to support them... you won't have all the functionality that you want immediately... but you will have a better understanding of modular synthesis and your own custom instrument that works how you want it to - which to a large extent is the best reason to go modular... it might cost you a bit more (over time) but you won't be making compromises based solely on cost - your grand up front and a $100/month for a couple of years (or whatever)

btw you don't have to mount the reverb tank in the case - you can mount it outside and then you can strum it...

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Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

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